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Shoes on Sale for Easter 2014

Friday April 18, 2014

Collection of shoes that are on sale for Easter 2014.

I know you all love a deal because: A) Who doesn't? and B) You've told me!

So, since I get such fantastic feedback every time I share a sale or a bargain resource with you, I figured why not keep the deals coming your way.

Right now, ASOS.com is offering a 20% off a selection of their own-brand shoes, clothing and accessories for women and men. They already have great prices, and items from bearing their own label are extremely affordable. Plus, they offer free shipping to nearly 200 countries!

I plucked a few of my favorites from the offering, but there's loads more to choose from, so be sure to check the site out while the sale is still running. (Buy Direct)

Pictured above:

  1. ASOS 'Dizzy' Plimsolls on sale for $22.58
  2. ASOS 'Highland' on sale for $60.20
  3. ASOS 'Election' on sale for $105.36
  4. ASOS 'Deadline' on sale for $32.92
  5. ASOS 'Hop Skip Jump' on sale for $82.78

Images: ASOS.com

Choosing Shoes for Wide-Legged Pants

Friday April 18, 2014

Woman in white wide-legged pants and white high-heeled sandals.

As I've said before, I'm not much of a trend follower. But I do pay attention to the trends. And, not just because it's my job.

I actually like knowing what's "in" because I view it as a chance to refresh my wardrobe with my favorite colors and items. Especially those that can be difficult to find when they're not trending.

Take wide-legged pants, for example. I'm a huge fan of them. In addition to the fact that they're flattering, they're just really "me," fitting in perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe. They also appeal to my casual nature, and they call to mind two of my favorite fashion eras: the 1960s and 1970s. So, I wear them all the time. Hence, I get incredibly frustrated when I have trouble finding them -- and when they're not "in," they're next to impossible to find.

Fortunately for my wardrobe, palazzo and other wide-legged pants have been widely available for the last couple of years. In my excitement over the return of this personal favorite, it hadn't occurred to me that wearing pants with wider legs would be a new experience for some of you. How clumsy of me.

Now that I've realized the error of my ways, I feel the need to rectify the situation. Here are some of my favorite shoe styles for wearing with wide-legged pants and jeans.

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Photo by Caroline McCredie/Getty Images

The Best Height for High Heels

Monday April 14, 2014

Ever feel like Goldilocks when you're trying on heels?

Some of them are too low to feel dressy enough, while others are too high to even imagine being able to walk in. That's where mid-height heels come in.

Of course, the definitions of 'high' and 'mid-height' are subjective. They've also changed a bit over the last several years, as recent trends have dictated wearing heels that are higher and higher.

If you're looking for shoes with heels between 2- and 4-inches, I've put together a few tips on where to find them, and how to select the best styles once you do.


Shoes That Recently Caught My Eye

Friday April 11, 2014

Usually, when I post a collection of shoes I've admired recently, I like to group them together into a themed post. Sexy high heels. Neutral shoes. Or, even something like 'Shoes with Bows on Them.'

But, this time, there is no theme. Like, at all.

In fact, if you pressed me to name a common thread that all these shoes shared, I don't think I'd be able to. They're all over the place. Price-wise, style-wise, even heel-wise. They simply have nothing to do with each other.

Nevertheless, they did all strike my fancy for one reason or another. As such, I'm going to share them with you. Along with the reasons each pair caught my attention.


Chic, flat sandals with light neutral and black straps.First up are these chic slide sandals from Joie.

I love how simple they are, and I'm crazy about the color combination, because the black paired with a light neutral opens up opportunities to pair these stylish flats with a wide variety of colors and prints.

And, at $125 per pair, the price isn't terrible. Granted, they aren't the most affordable sandals ever, but given their classic style and versatility, I could probably justify the purchase.


Cute and sexy high heel sandal booties in beige.These shoes, on the other hand, are a total bargain, at just under $30 per pair. And, they're so adorable.

The heels are wearable, at 4-inches tall. Plus, they're chunky, which you know I love.

I also really like bootie-style sandals like these because they're good for several seasons. They make the perfect transition shoes, but you could totally wear them throughout the summer, and even into fall.

Also available in black and brown, these shoes would work with everything from jeans and shorts to more feminine skirts and dresses.


Black high top Adidas sneakers with white polka dots.High top sneakers. With polka dots.

I guess I don't really need to say more than that. You either love them, or you don't. Needless to say, I do. A lot.

Oh, and they're from adidas, too. Which, when you get right down to it, has to be my favorite sneaker brand.

And for those who are interested, they also come in white with black polka dots. But, for me, those just don't hit the spot in quite the same way as this pair. But, I'm probably just being picky there.


Strappy dress sandals with pale pink uppers and high heels.Even if I was able to, I don't think I'd ever drop nearly $700 on a pair of shoes. I'd always talk myself out of it, thinking that I could put the money towards something else. Maybe if I was like crazy rich, I'd get over that. But, whatever the case, if I could or would, these shoes might just be the kind that would do me in.

They're sexy, but not in a cheap way. They're just so feminine, as well as being timeless. And the nude pink is absolutely stunning.

These lookers also come in a soft yellow that is equally gorgeous, but has a totally different vibe.


Thong sandals with yoga mat soles and soft, wrap-around uppers.And finally, we have the super-affordable, insanely popular, and extra-cute 'Yoga Sling 2' from Sanuk.

I can not emphasize enough how much I love Sanuk shoes. They are seriously the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.

I'm totally sold on their 'Sidewalk Surfer' collection, and I also tried (and loved) their original 'Yoga Mat' sandals. I haven't tried this particular style yet, but I can promise you, it's on my hit list.

Like their predecessors, these slingback thongs have soles made from actual yoga mat material. They're uppers are made from a comfy stretch knit material, and they come in a wide array of solids and stripes.

And, if all of that weren't enough, they're also priced really well at just $36 per pair.

Pictured Above:

  1. Joie 'Sable' (Buy Direct) Image: Piperlime.com
  2. 'She's In The Band' Faux Leather Heels (Buy Direct) Image: GoJane.com
  3. adidas 'Polka Dot High-Top Sneakers' (Buy Direct) Image: UrbanOutfitters.com
  4. Burberry 'Delabole' (Buy Direct) Image: Zappos.com
  5. Sanuk 'Yoga Sling 2' (Buy Direct) Image: Zappos.com

Looking for a Deal on Your Favorite Name-Brand Shoes?

Thursday April 10, 2014

Due to popular demand (and the fact that I'm always looking for a deal myself), I write a lot about where to find good -- or even great -- prices on shoes. Cheap Shoes That Look Great, Where to Find Shoes Under $20, Designer Shoes for Less, and so on.

But, those articles focus on shoes that are bargain- or, at least, reasonably-priced to begin with. Except for the piece about designer shoes, which covers the other end of the spectrum.

In my article on where to find discount shoes online, I take a bit of a different approach, linking you instead to the best sites to find deals on all you favorite brands. Naturally, many of these places also carry lower- and higher-priced labels as well, but their bread and butter tends to be the mass-market, mainstream brands we all know and love.

If you're shopping for a bargain, you'll definitely want to give this list a look.

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Where to Get Small Shoes for Men and Women

Thursday April 3, 2014

When I was in high school, one of my best friends was extremely petite. Brilliant, gorgeous, lovely personality, and absolutely tiny.

Some people have all the luck, right?

I'm sure that's what most of us all thought.

Of course, we weren't considering how difficult it must have been for her to find clothing and shoes that fit her properly. Styles that she also liked.

She always looked great, so it just didn't seem like much of an issue.

But then, we were also in high school. Shopping in the children's department wasn't that far in the the past for most of us. It was even kind of fun sometimes to revisit our "youth." Fast forward a couple of decades, and I'm sure it has lost its charm for her.

In fact, I hear from women and men all the time who are often referred to the kids' departments when they can't find shoes small enough to fit them in the adult section. From what they've told me, you can trust in this: there's nothing charming about it.

When you have absolutely no other choices, it is good to know that there are a few brands that practically clone items from their adult lines, and make them in children's sizes. But, for the majority of people who wear smaller-than-average shoes, it's even better to know that there are other options.

Below are lists of retailers who carry adult shoes in small sizes. Imagine. Shoes actually that fit your feet as well as your age.

I wish there was more choice and variety. And I wish these lists were a lot longer. But at least, it's a starting point.

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The Best Colors to Wear with Blue Shoes

Thursday April 3, 2014

High-heeled pumps with turquoise blue uppers.

I could tell you that blue shoes were going to be hot this season, but without a few additional details, that information wouldn't be very helpful.

For example, what shade of blue... dark, medium or light? And, would that be greenish blues, pastel blues or or royal blues? Once all that was sorted, you might want to know how those shoes are going to work into your wardrobe. Will they complement the new dress you just bought? Will you be able to wear them next season as well?

In short, "blue" covers a lot of territory. And even though I couldn't cover every shade imaginable, I did cover some of the most popular in this article on what to wear with blue shoes.

Pictured: Rachel Roy 'Gardner' (Buy Direct)
Image: 6pm.com

A Few Cute Shoes for Spring

Friday March 28, 2014

I ran across several shoes this week that I thought were worth sharing. I've fallen hook, line and sinker for all of them, and any of them would be perfect for spring or summer.

High heel sandals with wide straps in neutral, black and snakeskin.First up, I love everything about these sexy 'Keenan' sandals from Badgley Mischka -- except for the price, which is out of my range at $285.

These anything-but-boring neutral sandals feature several of the season's top trends, and they do it all upon dressy four-inch heels -- which is plenty high, but not terribly so.



Yellow oxford flats with distressed toes.I love yellow, but look absolutely terrible in it. Consequently, I have very few shoes (or anything else for that matter) in the sunny spring hue.

Be that as it may, I'm absolutely smitten with these buttery 'Derby' oxfords from Rollie. I want to wear them with a pair of soft old jeans and a simple white t-shirt or blouse.

If you're shopping for a pair of oxfords, and aren't feeling the love for this shade, you may still want to check them out. They come in several other lovely colors too.


Cute peach and aqua striped espadrille flats.Another pair of casual flats that totally lit me up this week is the 'Barca' espadrille from Soludos.

In addition to the fact that espadrilles are perfect for warm weather, and can be worn with a variety of casual outfits, who could resist this refreshing aqua and peach combination?

And, even if you can resist that combination, I urge you to check out the rest of their line. If you're into espadrilles at all, you're going to have a hard time resisting one of the classic flat styles.


These pretty mid-heeled, two-piece pumps would be perfect for spring.And finally, these pretty two-piece pumps from Coach remind me of something that my second-grade teacher would have worn. Despite the fact that the woman obviously didn't care much for me, she was incredibly "put together" and stylish.

Of course, I'll be refraining due to my life-long attempts to suppress memories of Mrs. Smith -- but if you have no such demons, give the 'Camille' a look. They'd be perfect for spring and summer.

I'm loving this pink snake/silver foil combo, but these pretty pumps also come in a white and ginger combination, as well as in black suede.

Pictured Above:

  1. Badgley Mischka 'Keenan' (Buy Direct) Image: Piperlime.com
  2. Rollie 'Derby' (Buy Direct) Image: Nordstrom.com
  3. Soludos 'Barca' (Buy Direct) Image: ShopBop.com
  4. Coach 'Camille' (Buy Direct) Image: Zappos.com

Defining This Season's Hottest Styles

Thursday March 27, 2014

You might have noticed that in my last post, I got a little particular about the difference between a dress mule and a slide sandal. A bit of that is just me being picky. The fact is, both of them could correctly be described as backless shoes.

But if you really want to describe the new shoes you just purchased, or even more importantly, describe to a salesperson the kind of shoes you want to purchase, then using the most concise terms can be helpful.

Below are links to definitions of some of the season's shoes. If you're looking for an explanation of a style that's not listed, you'll likely find it in my Glossary of Shoe Styles.

The Hottest Spring Shoe Trends

Wednesday March 26, 2014

Pink and purple two-piece pumps from Manolo Blahnik

While others have stated that mules are the go-to trend for spring, I'm going to go against the crowd on this one, and declare this the season of the d'Orsay.

Yes, mules are on their way back in -- and I'm thrilled to be seeing backless shoes at all. But, at this stage, a lot of the styles we're seeing also have open toes -- making them more like wide band slide sandals.

The dressier mules we've been waiting for will hopefully be hitting the shoe store shelves over the next few seasons. Until then, we're going to continue seeing an abundance of d'Orsay, two-piece, and other revealing styles -- both in heels and in flats.

For more details, be sure to check out the 2014's Top Spring Shoe Trends for Women.

Pictured: Manolo Blahnik 'Tayler' (Buy Direct)
Image: Nordstrom.com

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