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The Most Comfortable High Heels?


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  • When it comes to high heels, a lot of women swear by their Manolos, Choos, or other designer labels. For others, it's one of the comfort brands.

    Me? I tend to be more of a style queen than a label slave. I look for shoes that have chunkier heels and platform soles, and I steer clear of pointy toes, all in an attempt to be more comfortable in heels.

    However, one brand that I do find to be pretty consistently comfortable is Nine West.

    But, as we all know, one size does not fit all, and one brand doesn't either.

    So, what say ye?

    When it comes to high heels, which brands do you find to be the most comfortable? (Use the "Comment" link below to share your thoughts.)

    Pictured: Nine West "Fronttime"
    Image Courtesy of Zappos.com

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