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Born Shoes : Artistic, Stylish Comfort


Born Makes:

Casual sandals, boots and shoes for women and men.

About Born Shoes:

Born shoes are a treat to look at and to wear. With artistic styling, superior craftsmanship, attention to comfort, Born shoes are a unique, stylish choice in comfortable shoes. When you look at a pair Born shoes, you can actually see the quality - when you put a pair on, you can feel it.

What Makes Born Shoes Special:

In addition to their very stylish and sophisticated styles, Born uses "Opanka" hand-sewn construction. A unique technique that hand sews the upper, the sock lining, and outsole together in a single process. This process makes Born shoes comfortable and flexible while providing a cushioning effect.

Additionally, Born has a unique cushioning foam that prevents moisture and heat build-up for more comfortable, and less smelly shoes.

Learn More about Born: BornShoes.com

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