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Athletic Shoes

The term "athletic shoes" covers quite a broad range. There are athletic shoes for running, walking, basketball, and every other sport or form of recreation. From run of the mill "sneakers" to state-of-the-art running shoes; there's lots to learn about finding the proper athletic shoes for your sport. Pick the right shoes for your needs by checking out some of the newest in athletic shoes.
  1. A Guide to Nike Shoes
  2. Basketball Shoes (10)
  3. Bowling Shoes (4)
  4. Cheerleading Shoes (5)
  5. Golf Shoes (4)
  6. Kids' Athletic Shoes (3)
  7. Men's Athletic Shoes (17)
  8. Running Shoes (5)
  9. Top Sneaker Styles & Brands
  10. Walking & Hiking Footwear (5)
  11. Women's Athletic Shoes (3)

The Best Men's Summer Sneakers
Looking for a new pair of kicks for summer? If so, you'll definitely want to have a look at some of these top styles in summer sneakers for men.

Buy Bowling Shoes
Tips and advice for before you buy bowling shoes, including whether rental shoes will be enough; the differences between athletic and performance bowling shoes; how bowling shoes are designed; and other things to look for in a bowling shoe.

Adidas Shoes for Men - Top Picks
Combining fashion, comfort, performance and price; Adidas shoes are a great choice for men, and the picks on this list are some of the coolest.

Adio Shoes for Men - Top Picks
Adio is the maker of some of the hottest skate shoes available - but they're not just for skateboarding. In fact, even if you're just lounging around, in Adios you can lounge in style.

Air Jordan Shoes - Where to Buy
Skip the fakes and the frustration. If you want the real deal, then you'll definitely want to check out this big list of authentic retailers.

Asics Gel-Kayano Review
Sifting through all the running shoes can be confusing. Craig Playstead reviews the Asics Gel-Kayano to see how the popular men's running shoes stack up.

Athletic Shoe Selection
To avoid foot injuries, and select the right athletic shoes for your sports, give a look to About Sports Medicine Guide Elizabeth Quinn's article on selecting athletic shoes.

Bowling Shoes - An Introduction to Different Styles
Not all bowling shoes are like the ones you rent at your local bowling alley -- learn more about the different styles.

Bowling Shoes - Top Manufacturers
Some of the top companies and manufacturers of athletic and professional bowling shoes for men, women and children.

Athletic Shoes - Top Sites
This big list of online retailers includes some of the best shopping sites for specific sports shoes, as well as some vintage kicks -- with styles for women, men and kids.

Bowling Shoes - What to Look For
Here are a few tips that will help you decide when it's time to buy bowling shoes, and several things to know before buying them.

Bowling Shoes Under $50 for Women - Top Picks
These women's bowling shoes can have you looking fashionable on the lanes without costing a fortune.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars - What is it about Chucks?
Nearly one hundred years after the first pair squeaked across a basketball floor, Converse "All Stars" are as popular as ever. Learn more about these legendary shoes, and why they're a mainstay in America's wardrobe.

Converse Sneakers
Converse sneakers are more than sneakers: They're American legends. Here's a bit of history behind the shoes that just won't quit.

DC Shoes for Men - Top Picks
Within the skateboarding community, DC Shoes are known for their quality, technical features, and killer designs. Even if you don't skate, you'll love them.

Fake Athletic Shoes
Before you hand over your money for your dream shoes, take some time to be sure you're not being scammed into buying fake athletic shoes.

Fake Shoes - How to Spot Fake Athletic Shoes
Sometimes those "too good to be true" prices you see for Air Jordan and other popular athletic shoes really ARE too good to be true. Check out a few of these common and kooky characteristics of knock-off sneakers.

Fake Sneakers Gallery
Our sneakers guide gives you an inside view of the counterfeit sneaker market, via this Gallery of Fake Sneakers.

Heelys Shoes - What They Are & Where to Buy
Popular with teens and adults, Heelys contain a built-in wheel that make them roll. They're also worn by skateboarders, extreme athletes, and celebrities.

Hiking Boots - How to Choose
There's a lot to know, but here are a few tips that will help you before you buy your next pair of hiking boots.

Jordan Sneakers - Where to Buy
No matter which style it is, if it carries the Jordan Brand name, you can be sure that it will be among the most coveted athletic shoes of the year. Here are some of the best places to find new and retro Jordans.

New Balance for Men - Top Picks
With these New Balance top picks, your style worries are a thing of the past -- even when you are as comfortable as can be.

New Balance Shoes for Women - Top Picks
Although New Balance shoes are famous for comfort, this list will have them famous for style as well. There's something here for everyone.

Nike Shoes - Where to Buy
There are a lot of fakes on the market. If you're looking for authentic Nike shoes, it's best to play it safe. Here are some web sites and retailers that carry authentic Nikes.

Nike Sneakers - Where to Buy
Here are a few of the top shopping spots for scoring the famous swoosh.

Running Shoe Shopping - How to Choose
If you're considering a new pair of running shoes, you'll definitely want to check out this in-depth article from About's Guide to Running and Jogging, Jesslyn Bass.

Pumas Shoes for Men - Top Picks
Combining the coolest styles, comfortability and functionality, shoes from Puma consistently top the wish lists of sneaker fans.

Skateboarding Shoes
Our guide to Skateboarding covers all of the top brands in skate shoes.

Puma Sneakers for Women - Top Picks
I dare say I could pick forty pair of Puma and would still struggle with the elimination process. I want you to see them all! But I could only choose a few -- here they are.

Reebok Shoes for Men - Top Picks
Built with comfort and athletics in mind, Reeboks look mainstream enough that they've become a staple in casual men's footwear. Here are a few of their best.

Soccer Shoes
Whether you're hoping to find a pair of soccer shoes like the ones Ronaldhino or Robinho wears, or you just need a pair of top flight football boots for your own matches, here are a few of the best places to look for them.

Starbury Shoes Photo Gallery
The first line of Starbury shoes from Stephon Marbury flew off the shelves at Steve and Barry's and the new line, including the Starbury II is sure to please as well. Check out this photo gallery of all of the newest styles, including hightops and lowtops for men, women, and kids.

Vans Customs Shoes - Design Your Own Sneakers or Slip-Ons
Whether you're a fan of Vans, or just like the idea of designing your own shoes, Vans Customs is a great way to express yourself via your footwear.

Wrestling Shoes
Wrestling is one of the world's oldest sports, but wrestling shoes have come a long way since ancient Greece. Today's wrestlers have many options when buying footwear -- learn about them before you buy wrestling shoes.

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