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Converse Chucks - Chuck Taylor All Stars

What is it about Converse Chucks?



Converse 'Chuck Taylor All Star Hi'

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Even those who aren't familiar with the nickname have probably owned a pair of Converse's "Chuck Taylor All Stars."

You know the ones ... the canvas sneakers; white rubber soles and toe guards; standard black to neon pink, and the ubiquitous "all star" blue and white logo on the side of every shoe.

History of the Converse All Stars, a.k.a. Chucks

Since 1908, Converse has been making a basketball shoe called the "All Star" and in 1923, they paid homage to basketball player and innovator Chuck Taylor by adding his name to the logo. Nearly one hundred years after the first pair squeaked across a basketball floor, Converse "All Stars" are every bit as popular.

What is it that Makes Converse Chucks Eternally Hip?

Perhaps it's the history behind them. From country kids to city slickers, these shoes have fit into every lifestyle the United States has to offer. They've donned the feet of small town basketball teams who've dreamed of making it big in their state finals; and have graced the heels of countless movie stars who have wanted to show that they're as down to earth as the next guy. When worn by Kurt Cobain, "All Stars" are as anti-establishment as they come; but the fact that Elvis also sported them makes them an icon to even the most conservative American.

Converse All Stars Stand the Test of Time

Through the years, these legendary shoes have been produced in a myriad of colors and patterns. They've varied in height from the standard low top to the beloved high top to the current X-Hi offering. The heels tags have changed over the years, as have the heel heights, but the basic look has always been the same, and it's a classic.

"Chucks" make no apologies for what they are. They're a grand fashion statement that flies in the face of what we've come to expect from fashion. In a world where magazine ads and the products they sell get more and more glossy, "Converse All Stars," in their simplicity, have managed to stay cool throughout the years - they've nothing to apologize for.

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