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Fall Shoes 2013

Autumn Footwear for Women, Men and Kids


Fall footwear. What styles are going to be hot this year? Which colors will work best with all the autumn fashions? Will the heels be higher or lower than they were last year? All valid questions from fashionistas and the shoe-obsessed.

But, fall footwear isn't just a hot topic for those of us who live and breathe shoes. The coming months are going to be colder and wetter. Some of us will be dealing with slight inconveniences, like a bit more rain. Others will have much more dramatic conditions to contend with, like snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.

Granted, many of those issues fall under the heading of "winter footwear," which is a category all its own. But really, other than a pair of good snow boots, it's the shoes and boots we choose in fall that are expected to see us through until next spring.

Below you'll find plenty of fall shoe and boot options for the whole family. The most stylish options, the most practical choices, and of course, the hottest trends.

2013's Top Trends for Women

A flat, blue suede loafer with a tassels on its vamp, and studs round the bottom
Image: Nordstrom.com (Buy Direct)
I know what a lot of you are thinking right now. Practical, schmactical. Are platforms going to be hot again or not? I hear you. And for the record, they're not. You'll see some, but at this point, it's safe to say that they've passed their peak. Though, I have a feeling they won't be away for long.

So, what pray tell are we going to be wearing this fall? I'm so glad you asked! Here are all the glorious details:

Top Fall Colors for Women's Shoes

A deep red, suede, high-heeled, two-piece pump with delicate criss-crossed straps and a pointy toe.
Image: Piperlime.com (Buy Direct)
Let's get one thing straight. Just because certain colors are hotter this season than others, doesn't mean you should ditch -- or even temporarily put away -- your favorite fuchsia, orange, or yellow pumps or boots.

All it really means is that you'll have greater access to shoes and boots in the season's trendiest colors. If you're buying a lot of new clothes this season; if one of your favorite colors happens to be on the "hot list;" or if you just like being on the cutting-edge of fashion, these details are important to you.

But, if teal doesn't work with your wardrobe, or red shoes make you sad***, then steer clear of them, no matter how popular those colors happen to be right now.

Oh, and by the way, teal and red are two of the season's top colors for footwear. Also making the season's hottest colors list are royal and deep, inky shades of blue. Not surprisingly, brown is on the list as well.

You can find out more with the articles listed below. ***Full disclosure: I can't really imagine red shoes making anyone sad.

What's Hot in Women's Boots

Low, tan-brown ankle boots with 2" stacked heels, pointy toes, and belt details.
Image: Zappos.com (Buy Direct)
For me, boots are the entree on the menu of fall footwear. No. They're the dessert. Rich, decadent, sweet, and irresistible.

Some people live for spring, when all the sexy sandals begin hitting the shoe store shelves, but me? I've been a boot lover from way back. And, I'm happy to report that 2013's selection doesn't disappoint.

The hottest trends are western styles and casual ankle boots, but there's also a good number of simple, flat and tall styles to choose from. That may not sound like the most exciting line-up in the world, but there's a lot to be said for the versatility, and even the sex appeal, of classic, fuss-free boots.

I also think that once you get a look at some of fall's top styles, you'll see that there really is a lot to be excited about.

Autumn Styles in Men's Shoes and Boots

A pair of men's suede wingtip shoes with dark gray uppers.
Image: Zappos.com (Buy Direct)
Guys, guys, guys. What are we going to do about the fact that men's footwear doesn't change as often as it should? Doesn't it make you even the slightest bit jealous that we women get to have all the fun? Don't you ever look back at say, Saturday Night Fever, and think, "Wow, look at those platform shoes! Dude. Those were the days!"


Well, that's good, because there's nothing earth-shattering going on in the men's fall footwear department for fall.

Chukka boots are still hot, so if you don't already have a pair you love, then you're in luck. They are everywhere.

All kidding aside, while the styles haven't completely rolled over, there are a lot of fantastic options in men's boots and shoes right now. Especially when it comes to casual footwear, where I've seen a lot of wingtips, loafers, and Chelsea boots. In fact, while I was rounding up some of the hottest styles, I actually had trouble narrowing down some of the lists. That's doesn't happen often with guys' shoes, so be sure to check them out.

Autumn and Winter Footwear for Kids

A girls slip-on shoe with dark rose uppers and dual side-goring.
Image: Shoebuy.com (Buy Direct)
Hopefully by now your kids' "back to school" shoes are sorted, but we all know that the school year doesn't end when the first bell rings.

Sports, extracurricular activities, new hobbies, or even a really influential new friend can all affect the shoes your kids are going to need (or want) to see them through the school year. A lot of the advice in the following "back to school shoes" articles can be applied anytime, not just at the start of the semester.

I'm also including tips on how to choose snow boots for kids. Trust me, if you live in a cold climate, this is something you definitely don't want to leave until the last minute.

Bargain Shopping for Fall & Beyond

Fall, winter, spring, or summer; there is never a bad time of year to save a bundle on shoes.

My first money-saving tip is to hit up your favorite shoe and department stores now. In addition to finding discounts on the "summer" styles that might actually work just as well for fall, you also might get lucky and find yourself in the middle of one of those "start of the season" sales.

Oh, and check the clearance sections -- especially when you're shopping at stores devoted exclusively to shoes. I've occasionally seen last year's boots and fall shoes get moved to that section to make room at the front of the store for this year's styles.

If you're more inclined to click your mouse instead of heading off to a local retailer, then I suggest taking a look at some of the following articles for additional resources and tips for the budget-conscious.

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