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Boots can be found in nearly every person's wardrobe, but there are so many different styles, and so many different purposes for them. The good news is that whether you're looking for hiking, snow, sexy, rain, or cowboy boots, you don't need to look any further. All those types of boots (and more) are covered below.
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  2. Women's Boots (5)

Boots 101: What You Really Need to Know
Looking for the perfect boots? Then your quest just became a lot easier. Armed with these terms and tips, you'll know how to find them, and which styles to avoid.

Boots for Less
Have a passion for boots, but a limited budget to fuel it with? Then you're going to love this list of resources, where you can find everything from bargain brands to discounted designer styles.

Hiking Boots: What to Know Before You Buy
Unlike fashion boots, hiking boots need to be practical as well as attractive. Here's a run-down of all the features you'll want to look for next time you're shopping for hiking boots.

UGG Boots: History, Wear & Care
Learn the history behind ugg boots; when and what to wear with them; and pick up a few care and cleaning tips while you're at it.

Snow Boots for Kids: Here's What to Look For
Little feet need lots of protection from the harsh elements of winter. This article offers advice on how to choose the best snow boots for your children's needs.

Rain Boots for Women: Top Picks
Even the grayest of skies won't get you down when you're wearing a pair of these divine rain boots.

Rain Boots for Boys: Top Brands
Having trouble getting your son to wear waterproof boots? Here are a few rain boot brands that even the most particular of boys won't be able to resist!

Snow Boots: What to Look For & How to Choose
If you need a pair of cold-weather boots, you'll need to decide between winter boots and snow boots. Here's how to tell the difference.

Rain Boots for Girls
If there's a little girl in your life, you definitely won't want to miss these shopping tips and top makers of rain boots.

GORE-TEX Boots and Shoes
Need waterproof boots that are stylish enough to wear inside as well as in the rain? Check out this review of boots featuring GORE-TEX.

Work Boots
For many blue-collar workers, a good pair of work boots is as essential as the tools they use on the job. Learn what to look for in work boots before you buy your next pair.

How to Wear Men's Cowboy Boots
They're a natural with jeans, but what about with suits or other pants? For tips, be sure to check out this article on what to wear with men's cowboy boots.

Boot Shopping FAQ: Can Boots Be Altered to Fit My Calves?
If you tall boots, but the styles you choose leave you jammed into your footwear, here are some ways to get a better fit without ruining the sleek look - or your investment.

Fake UGG Boots
How do you tell whether or not those are fake UGG boots you just saw online? These tools will help.

Ecco Boots - Review of Ecco Supreme High Boots
A few members of the online media and blogging community, were invited to participate in the Ecco Challenge. The challenge was: wear a pair of Ecco boots for three days, and give our honest opinion of them. This is my review of the Ecco boots.

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