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Boots in one form or another can be found in nearly every person's wardrobe. Whether you're looking for hiking boots, snow boots, sexy boots, rain boots, winter boots, or cowboy boots, you need look no further. Find valuable information on where to shop, what to look for, and other boot-buying tips.
  1. Athletic & Hiking Boots (4)
  2. Boots for Kids (1)
  3. Boots for Men (17)
  4. Boots for Women (18)
  5. Cowboy Boots (5)
  6. Fashion Boots (12)
  7. Rain Boots / Waterproof (4)
  8. Winter Boots (11)

What You Really Need to Know About Boots
Looking for the perfect boots? Then your quest just became a lot easier. Armed with these terms and tips, you'll know how to find them, and which styles to avoid.

Women's Snow Boots
If you live in a cold climate, or one that gets a lot of snow, then you know how essential it is to have a pair of nice, warm snow boots. This list contains several of the warmest -- and most attractive -- snow boots for 2013.

Irresistible Line of Accessories and Jewelry for Uggs
Super-cute and full of personality, this line of boot accessories includes a variety of wraps and jewelry that will allow you to customize your UGG or shearling-styled boots.

Men's Snow Boots
If you're in the market for a new pair of snow boots, you may want to have a look at these top picks. There are styles ranging from sporty and practical, to those that will beat the worst that winter has to offer.

Cool Men's Boots
A look at three men’s boots that will make you look cool in any situation.

Spring Boots and Booties
Spring booties and boots have become increasingly popular over the last several years, and this year, there are loads of boots, booties and ankle boots that are ideal for wearing with all your warm-weather fashions. Check out these top picks in women's spring boots for 2011.

2011 Spring Boots for Men
Finding the right pair of men's boots to wear in spring can be tough. This article will show you some of 2011's top trends in spring boots for men.

Men's Casual Boots
A look at some of the most popular men's casual boots, with tips on how and where to wear them.

Timberland: Rugged Men's Boots and Shoes
A look at Timberland boots and shoes for men, by writer Craig Playstead.

Clarks Desert Boots Review
Versatile and classic, these boots have been around for over 60 years. Check out Craig Playstead's review of Clarks Desert Boots for men.

Review of Red Wing Boots for Men
If you're looking for a tough pair of work boots, or just a cool pair of boots for winter, then check out this review of Red Wing Boots for men.

How to Wear Men's Cowboy Boots
They're a natural with jeans, but what about with suits or other pants? For tips, be sure to check out this article on what to wear with men's cowboy boots.

Women's Boots
Women's boots come in so many different styles: flat boots, knee high boots, over the knee boots, western boots ... the list goes on and on. But because there are so many options, it can be difficult to sort through them all. Below are a few of the season's hottest styles in women's boots, complete with tips on how to wear them.

Women's Fashion Boots 2011
Women's fashion boots aren't snow boots, and they aren't winter boots. They won't protect you from the bitter cold or snow, and they won't keep you from slipping on the ice. But all of that doesn't mean that fashion boots don't serve a purpose; they will help keep your legs warm in chilly weather, and of course, the perfect pair will be...

Designer Boots
Women's boots from Louboutin, Fendi, Gucci and more are all present and accounted for on this list of top picks in designer boots for 2011.

Snow Boots
There are winter boots and there are snow boots, and if you've ever found yourself in a foot of snow or freezing temperatures without the latter, then you probably already know the difference. But just to be sure you're ready for whatever weather this Winter brings you, you may want to have a look at some of the following articles on snow boots.

What to Look for in Men's Winter Boots
This article by Craig Playstead explores which winter boots a man really needs in his closet, and what to look for in winter and snow boots for men.

Fake UGG Boots
How do you tell whether or not those are fake UGG boots you just saw online? These tools will help.

Boot Shopping FAQ: Can Boots Be Altered to Fit My Calves?
If you tall boots, but the styles you choose leave you jammed into your footwear, here are some ways to get a better fit without ruining the sleek look –- or your investment.

Can boots be fitted with different heels?
boot heels, boots, heel, changing heels of boots, repair, cobbler, can boot heel be changed, high heel boots

Ecco Boots - Review of Ecco Supreme High Boots
A few members of the online media and blogging community, were invited to participate in the Ecco Challenge. The challenge was: wear a pair of Ecco boots for three days, and give our honest opinion of them. This is my review of the Ecco boots.

Frye Boots - Top Picks in Women's Frye Boots
From casual to dressy, there's a style for nearly everyone among these top picks in Frye boots.

Sexy Boots
This sexy boots photo gallery contains all the hottest styles for the 2008 and 2009 season, including thigh high boots, stiletto boots and more of the sexiest boots for women.

Work Boots
For many blue-collar workers, a good pair of work boots is as essential as the tools they use on the job. Learn what to look for in work boots before you buy your next pair.

GORE-TEX Boots and Shoes
Looking for a pair of waterproof boots and shoes that are breathable, and stylish enough to wear inside as well as in the rain? Check out this review of the new casual and stylish brand-name shoes and boots for men and women -- all of which feature GORE-TEX.

Naughty Monkey Boots
If you like Naughty Monkey shoes , then there's a really good chance you're going to love Naughty Monkey boots. Every bit as unique as their pump and sandal counterparts, Naughty Monkey boots fuse fun, edginess and sex appeal, all at a price that won't break the bank. Here are a few of my favorite styles.

Warmest Winter Boots
Which brand makes the warmest winter boots? Share your thoughts, and read what others had to say on who makes the warmest winter boots for women and men.

Boys' Rain Boots
Whether you're raising a champion puddle-jumper or just need boots for those inevitable rainy days, you're sure to find something to love among these top picks in boys' rain boots.

Girls' Rain Boots
Girls' rain boots are so fun and colorful, compiling this list of top picks really made me miss my own puddle-jumping days.

Summer Boots and Booties
It used to be that boots, ankle boots and booties began hitting the streets each Fall, but with all the season-blurring styles of the last few years, Spring and Summer boots and booties are hotter than ever. Of course, most of these warm-weather styles aren't really "boots" in the traditional sense of the word, but they're more akin to boots than they are to the skimpy sandals of the past. This y…

Rain Boots for Women - Top Picks
Even the grayest of skies won't get you down when you're wearing a pair of these divine rain boots.

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