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Ugg Boots

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Ugg Boots


Ugg Boots
Eugene Phoen/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
When it comes to ugg boots, there seems to be three kinds of people. Those who love ugg boots, those who hate ugg boots, and those who just aren't sure what ugg boots are -- but, when they find out, they'll fall into one of the first two categories.

So, first, let's address those of you who don't yet know what an ugg boot is. Care and wear tips will follow.

Ugg Boots - What Are They?

Traditionally, the term "ugg boot" referred to a style of Australian boot made with sheepskin.

During World War I, pilots wore a fleece-lined "FUG" (flying ugg) boot, and a type of ugg boot was also worn in Australia as early as the 1930s by farmers wanting to keep their feet warm. In the 1960s Australian surfers would put on ugg boots to warm their feet after coming in from riding the waves, and people in Australia would often wear ugg boots around the house during the mild winters.

While several Australian companies still manufacture these boots, "UGG" is also a trademark of the boots manufactured by a U.S. company, "UGG Australia." So many of those Australian manufacturers now are marketing what were formally known as "ugg boots" as "Australian sheepskin boots."

Whether you call them "sheepskin boots" or "ugg boots," they are incredibly warm, and soft, and have become a major hit with celebrities and trendsetters alike over the past couple of years. Oprah, Paris Hilton, and several other celebrities are acknowledged fans of ugg boots.

Where the Name "Ugg Boots" Originated

Legend has it that "ugg" is short for "ugly" - so, "ugg boots" apparently meant "ugly boots." For decades, "ugg" was generic term used for sheepskin boots made in Australia. The word was so commonplace that it was found in Australian dictionaries, and ugg boots were also known as "ug" or "ugh" boots.

But in the United States, when people refer to "UGG boots," they're usually talking about the boots made by Deckers Outdoor Corporation, the parent company of "UGG Australia."

So if you're traveling the world and talking about footwear, it's good to know that when the term "ugg boot" is used, it could be referring to an Australian-made sheepskin boot, or a popular brand name boot.

Styles of Sheepskin and Ugg Boots

Sheepskin and ugg boots are available in short and tall styles. Women's ugg boots and sheepskin boots are available in colors from pink and purple, to tan and brown, while men's are available in the more neutral colors. Some have chunky heels and laces, while others are flat-heeled slip-ons.

When to Wear Sheepskin or Ugg Boots

Sheepskin and ugg boots are a casual type of boot. Ugg boots are exceptionally warm and are great for cold weather (up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit) - however, they should not be worn in excessively muddy or wet conditions. If you are looking for warmth while trudging around the house or the city, a sheepskin or ugg boot will be ideal, but if you need a boot for more severe winter weather conditions, you might want to try a pair of snow boots instead.

What to Wear with Sheepskin or Ugg Boots

For girls and women, ugg boots look fantastic with tight-legged jeans tucked into them, or with short skirts paired with opaque tights or bare legs. For guys, ugg boots work great with jeans, and give a very casual, or rugged look, depending on the jeans or the shirt you wear with your ugg boots. The warmth of a sheepskin or ugg boot means they can be worn without socks or hose, even in some of the coldest conditions.

How to Care for Sheepskin or Ugg Boots

For general cleaning tips, you can have a look at this How to Clean UGG Boots video.

To be on the safe side, also check with the manufacturer or retailer where you bought the boots for their specific instructions. If you have any questions, ask them before you take steps to clean your boots.

Some makers of sheepskin and ugg boots also offer products made specifically for cleaning, protecting and conditioning ugg boots. It is recommended that you find the manufacturer-recommended products for protecting your boots, as alternative products could damage them.
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