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Cute Winter Boots

The Most Adorable Winter Boots for 2013 / 2014


Winter boots and snow boots are essential items for women who live in cold climates. And, I see no reason that they can't be cute while they're protecting you from the harshest of elements.

Below are some of the most adorable boots you'll probably come across for the 2013/2014 winter season; I know they're some of the cutest styles I've seen in a while.

'Joan of Arctic' - Sorel's Beloved Winter Boots

Cute, light tan boots with bright aqua laces and soles, and faux fur trim.
Image: Zappos.com

It's been beloved by fans, and a favorite of mine, for years, and this year's version of Sorel's popular 'Joan of Arctic' boot is every bit as cute and functional as its predecessors.

Available in fantastic new color combinations, including curry with aqua trim and black with red laces, these boots have faux fur cuffs, waterproof construction, and removable felt inner boots. They're temperature rated to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, and in addition to all of that, they're sure to get a lot of attention.

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Cute & Affordable 'Urban Circle' from Shiekh Shoes

Short, pink boots with synthetic suede uppers and cream, faux shearling trim.
Image: ShiekhShoes.com

When I see these pink boots, I really wish I had an endless supply of money and more room to store yet another pair of winter boots. In other words, I adore them. They're cute, they're unique, and, at just over $40 per pair, they're also really affordable.

Also available in black, brown, gray, tan and leopard print, these casual boots feature synthetic suede uppers and faux fur linings. They'd be perfect for pairing with leggings or jeans, and could really add an unexpected touch to a casual dress and tights.

If you prefer taller boots, you may want to check out the 'Urban Tri-Circle.' There aren't as many color options, but they're every bit as adorable, and only cost a few dollars more.

(Buy Direct)

UGG Australia 'Maylin' - Full-On Fluffiness

Low, sheepskin boots with shearling on outside of shafts, and tan uppers.
Image: Zappos.com

It seems you either love UGGs or you hate them, and if you're part of the former group, then you know that there's never a shortage of cute styles to choose from. There are sparkly styles, taller boots and, this year, there's even a new velvet 'mini' version.

Honestly, I could have featured any of them here. But, I opted to share the 'Maylin,' based solely on the fluffiness that is provided by the twin-faced shearling uppers.

Also available in black, these boots will set you back about $250.

(Buy Direct)

Snow Bunnies' Delight - DC 'Chalet Suede'

Tall boots with gray suede uppers and white, faux fur collars.
Image: Shoes.com

There have been several different versions of DC Shoes' 'Chalet' winter boots, and every one of them has been adorable; but, I'm not sure any of them have been cuter than this latest version, the 'Chalet Suede.'

Packed with plenty of practical features like insulated interiors and gripping outsoles, what really sets these snow boots apart is their suede uppers and fluffy collars. Available in pale gray or black, these winter boots have 12.5" tall shafts.

(Buy Direct)

Flojos 'Blizzard' - Topped with Faux Fur

Mid-calf boots with black uppers and black/gray, faux fur collars and trim.
Image: 6pm.com

I simply couldn't make a list of cute winter boots without including at least one pair of tall black boots with faux fur trim, since that's the style I look for nearly every year.

I'll be honest here, I'd love this style at just about any price, but I'm especially interested because they're currently on sale for just under $50 per pair, which is half off of their original price.

Even though I'm personally all about black when it comes to boots like these, this particular style is also available -- and super cute -- in brown.

(Buy Direct)

Baffin 'New York' - White Winter Boots

Tall white boots with lace-up fronts and faux fur trim at the top.
Image: Zappos.com

As cute as they'd be in any color, there's one big reason these boots made this list: they're white. And, personally, I just don't think people wear enough white in winter.

But, pair these puppies with a pair of jeans, a fluffy white coat, and a cute winter hat, and you'll be as winter-ready as they come.

Beyond their sporty good looks, these boots are also plenty practical. They're temperature-rated to -4 degrees Fahrenheit, and their tall, insulated shafts should help keep you warm and dry through most of the season.

(Buy Direct)

Koolaburra 'Haley II' - Fringed Shearling Boots

Burgundy boots with short shafts, shearling trim and fringe embellishments.
Image: Shoebuy.com

A favorite among celebrities and hipsters, these Koolaburra boots are topped with shearling collars, and decorated with suede fringe. They also have sheepskin interiors to protect you on cold, windy days.

Available in chestnut, tan, and port -- and, to be honest honest, I don't think I could possibly choose a favorite. And any of them would be adorable with leggings or jeans, but they'll also set you back a pretty penny, as these boots cost nearly $325 per pair.

(Buy Direct)

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