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Knee High Boots for Women

Top Picks for 2013 / 2014


Knee high boots are not only flattering and attractive, they're also practical, keeping your legs warm on cold days. With all of that going for them, it's no wonder that they're practically a footwear "must-have."

For the 2013 and 2014 season, there is a huge selection of styles to choose from. But, this year's selection is a bit different from what we've been seeing recently. The sky-high stilettos and thick platform soles of a couple of years back have given way to boots with low or flat heels, boots with a western slant, and boots with mid-height and higher chunky heels.

Below are a few of my favorite tall boots, in a variety of styles and heel heights.

Calvin Klein 'Averie' - Dressy and Convertible

Tall, smooth boots with black suede uppers, and shiny, chunky black 4-inch heels.
Image: Zappos.com
These simple and beautiful dress boots feature soft suede uppers that can be worn fully extended, or cuffed for variation.

What really sets these boots apart from the crowd though, is their glossy, contemporary 4" heels. They're right on par with one of this season's top trends, but because the whole package is so sleek and uncomplicated, these boots would serve you for years to come, and would look as great with jeans as they would with dresses and skirts. (Buy Direct)

Born Crown 'Olana' - Versatile Boots with Wedge Heels

Knee high boots in light, dusky blue, with 3.75" covered wedge heels, and inside zippers.
Image: Shoes.com
With 3.75" wedge heels, these boots are ideal for women who want a bit of added height, but don't want to wear stilettos.

And, despite the trendiness of their wedge heels, their design is still classic enough to wear year after year. They're dressy, they're chic, and these high heeled boots from the Born Crown collection are also as versatile as they come.

You could pair them with everything from jeans to dresses, and the luxe suede uppers look great in black, light blue, or tan.

Other features you'll appreciate include: side zippers, and shafts that are 14-inches tall and nearly 15" in circumference. (Buy Direct)

Nine West 'Patty Cake' - Beloved Boots now Marked-Down

Slim, sleek, tall brown boots with suede uppers, and extremely low heels.
Image: 6pm.com
When I find a pair of tall, flat boots that can go dressy or casual, I tend to jump, because I know that I'll be able to wear them with skirts and dresses, as well as with jeans and leggings. I also know that it's not always easy to find that perfect pair. I found these lookers last year, and they'd still work just as well this season, PLUS, they're now discounted.

With lush suede or leather uppers in black, brown, natural or gray, these women's boots feature full side zippers, and ultra-low heels that are only .75" tall.

For such a complete package, the original $169 price tag seemed very reasonable. Now, they're an absolute steal at $85-$110. (Buy Direct)

Frye 'Studded Harness Tall' - Western Knee High Boots

Western boots with soft, brown leather uppers, and ankle harnesses that are dotted with brass studs.
Image: Zappos.com
I have to admit that I don't normally go in for many western boots, but they're really hot this year, and if I were going to change my stripes, I'd be all over these sexy, casual knee high boots from Frye.

I love the "chocolate glazed vintage" leather uppers, and the barely-there heels play perfectly into this year's flat boot trend, as well as into my own personal style and tastes.

But, it's the hammered brass studs dotting the harnesses that really makes me want to tuck a pair of skinny jeans into these tall boots.

Priced at just under $370 per pair, these knee-high boots look fab in black, cognac, dark brown, and gray soft vintage leather. (Buy Direct)

LAUREN Ralph Lauren 'Kyla' - Sexy with 4-Inch Heels

Shapely, tall boots in mid-toned tobacco. They have 4" tall, thin dress heels and thin ankle belts.
Image: Zappos.com
It doesn't really matter whether or not flat boots are the trendiest choice this season, because heeled boots like these never really go out of style. Now, if they had even taller heels or thick platform soles, well, that might be another story. But they don't. Instead, they have classically-shaped 4-inch dress heels, and shapely leather uppers.

Available in tan, black, and dark brown, the wrap-around ankle belts add just the right amount of interest to these otherwise unadorned boots, and the partial side zippers should make them easy to get into. (Buy Direct)

Kate Spade New York 'Racine' - Check out the Studded Heels

Tall boots in black suede with almond toes, and chunky 3" heels that have tiny gold studs on them.
Image: Nordstrom.com
I'm totally smitten with these simple, but dynamic boots from Kate Spade New York.

For starters there are the not-quite-pointy, not-quite-round, almond-shaped toe boxes, which are dressy and flattering, but won't make your feet look longer like really pointed toes will.

Then, there are the suede uppers. I'm not kidding anyone here, you know how much I love sueded uppers. They look luxurious, warm and posh. And, of course, in black, they're ultra-versatile as well.

And finally, let's get down to it. The main reason I'm loving these boots is the hefty, 3" heels that are dotted with tiny square studs. They're so unexpected and fun, especially because they're on a pair of dress boots.

The only thing I don't adore about these boots is the price tag, which is just under $400. Not that the boots aren't worth that, but rather because I can't afford them. (Buy Direct)

LAUREN Ralph Lauren 'Jeannette' - Classic Flat Boots

Tall, brown suede boots with flat, low heels of just 1.25 inches. Gold buckles adorn top and ankle.
Image: Zappos.com
With a great casual styling, I'd love these boots even if they weren't flats. But the fact that they are makes them just about perfect. Another big plus is the simple, classic design of the shafts. They're very much in keeping with most riding boots, and they don't have a lot of fussy detailing.

Easy to pair with casual outfits like jeans or leggings, these boots would also work for dressier outfits like skirts or dresses.

Available in black or tobacco, these boots have side zippers, and shafts that are about 20-inches tall. That means that for some women, they'll be taller than knee-height, so if you prefer your boots taller or shorter, be sure to measure your legs, or try the boots on first. (Buy Direct)

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