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Men's Snow Boots

Top Picks for 2012 / 2013


There is a staggering array of men's snow boots available, including styles that are rated for extreme temperatures, waterproof boots, and boots that will help stabilize you on ice and snow. If you're in need of any of those features, you may want to have a look at some of the following men's snow boots.

The North Face 'Chilkat II' - Sporty Men's Snow Boots

Image: Zappos.com
Not everyone needs a pair of snow boots that are rated for such extreme temperatures, but most people would like a pair of snow boots that look good. If that sounds like your situation, then you may want to have a look at these sporty boots from The North Face. They look a bit like hiking boots, but they have still loads of features that will help to protect you from the elements, including waterproof uppers, outsoles with grip optimization features, and 200g Heatseeker insulation to keep your feet warm.

Reasonably-priced at $100, the 'Chilkat II' is temperature rated to -25 degree F.

UGG 'Butte' - Ultra-Warm Snow Boots for Men

Image: Zappos.com
If you know any girl or woman under the age of 50 or so, then you're already familiar with the term "UGG boots," but you'd be missing out if you thought the boots (or the brand name UGG Australia) were just for those of the female persuasion -- or that they all looked the same.

The fact is, even before they were popular in the States, and long before they became one of the most ubiquitous fashion items of the 21st century, sheepskin boots were worn by men and women; athletes; and workers who had to face cold conditions and needed to keep their feet warm.

UGG Australia is only one of the brands that manufactures sheepskin boots, but they're obviously one of the most well-known -- and the "Butte" snow boots shown here are incredibly popular

Don't believe me? Just check out the glowing customer reviews at Zappos.com for more evidence.

Available in a nice selection of colors, these boots are one of the pricier styles on the list, ringing up at $250.

Sorel 'Caribou Wool' - Classic Men's Snow Boots

Image: Zappos.com
Sorel 'Caribou' snow boots have been around since 1972 for a few very good reasons, including the fact that they have a classic snow boot style, and they're designed to do wonders towards keeping your feet warm. Temperature rated to -40 degrees F, this wool version of Sorel's popular 'Caribou' boots feature seam-sealed waterproof leather uppers, knit wool cuffs, removable wool inner boots, and outsoles designed for extra traction.

Kamik 'Pearson' - Men's Snow Boots for Extreme Temperatures

Image: Zappos.com
Like many of the snow boots on this list, you probably won't see these parading down a fashion runway any time soon, but they'll keep your feet warm in even the coldest of temperatures -- and you know that if it gets cold enough, function nearly always trumps form. Rated for temperatures as low as -58 degrees F (-50 C), these boots have shearling collars to help keep snow out, moisture-wicking liners, and seam-sealed, waterproof construction.

Available in cognac or brown, these boots ring up at about $180 per pair.

Sorel 'Intrepid Explorer™ 100' - Tall Snow Boots for Men

Image: Zappos.com
These Sorel snow boots are ideal for guys who need serious performance. With 13mm ThermoPlus™ felt InnerBoots; traction-enhanced lug outsoles; PU-backed, waterproof uppers; and top drawstrings, these snow boots are will provide dryness and warmth in extreme temperatures. In fact, they're Sorel rated to -100 degrees F (-73.3 C).

As an added winter-busting bonus, these boots have 11" tall shafts -- which are higher than a lot of other styles, but not so tall that they'll be uncomfortable.
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