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Summer Boots and Booties for Women

Top Picks for 2011


It used to be that boots, ankle boots and booties began hitting the streets each Fall, but with all the season-blurring styles of the last few years, Spring and Summer boots and booties are hotter than ever.

Of course, most of these warm-weather styles aren't really "boots" in the traditional sense of the word, but they're more akin to boots than they are to the skimpy sandals of the past.

This year, some of the hottest trends in Summer boots and booties include lace up fronts, wedge heels, and woven uppers. Here are a few of my top picks in Summer boots for women.

Boutique 9 'Driven' - Strappy Summer Booties

With more tiny straps than I could possibly count, these open-toed booties feature 4.5" heels, .75" platform soles, and uppers that extend above the ankle. Available in black, brown, pewter and taupe, these sexy heels will make you see summer booties in a whole new light.

Daniblack 'Valentina' - Wedge-Heeled Ankle Boots for Summer

Combining several of the season's top trends, these ankle boots feature 3.5" wedge heels, back zippers, and nubuck uppers. And despite the fact that the fronts are as open as many sandals, these Summer boots have 5" shafts that will hit at or above the ankle on most women. Available in sand, cognac and black, these open-toed ankle boots would look great paired with a shorter skirt or dress.

Dolce Vita 'Lee' - Summer Boots with Platform Soles

With 4.5" woven shafts, these Summer booties have some of the highest heels I've ever seen at 5.75 inches. They are offset by very substantial platform soles, and still looking frighteningly tall. Available in silver or black, these sexy booties have open thong toes.

Velvet Angels 'Royal Bar' - Open-Toed Booties for Summer

Super-sexy and full of personality, these open-toed booties feature a collar of leather "petals," and come in three great Summer shades, including cream, rose and black. The back side cut-outs add a nice warm-weather touch, and happily, the 5" heels are won't feel quite as hight, thanks to the 1.5" platform soles.

Mia 'Marion' - Summer Boots with Lace-Up Fronts

These ankle boots are ideal for warm weather thanks to their relatively open uppers, and their full lace fronts land them on the cutting-edge of what's hot. With wearable 3.5" wedge heels, and sultry suede uppers, these Summer boots look great in charcoal, black and mushroom.

FRYE 'Shirley' - Riding Boots for Summer

Of course, there is no law against wearing traditional boots during Summer months, and as long as the weather permits, they're actually a great accessory for skirts, dresses, and sometimes even shorts. Look for styles that are free of cold-weather accents like fluffy collars and quilted uppers, and for the most warm-weather versatility, shop for boots in black or light neutrals.
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