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Shoe Repair

You've finally found the perfect shoes, now find out how what to do when something goes wrong. A little knowledge of general shoe repair -- even if it's just knowing the number of a good shoe repair shop -- will help to make your shoes last for years and years.

Find a Local Shoe Repair Shop
Whether it's a broken heel or a total restoration, there are times when you're going to need a shoe repair service -- but first, you have to find one. Use this handy tool to find shoe repair shops in your area.

How to Deal with a Broken Heel
Sadly, there's no safe DIY hack or good 'quick fix' for a broken heel. But, there are a few short-term things you can do. Here are a few things you should know in case you ever find yourself in this situation.

Can Boots be Altered to Fit My Calves?
If you love tall boots, but the styles you choose leave you feeling crammed into your footwear, you'll want to check out the answer to this frequently-asked question. There are ways to get a better fit without ruining your look –- or your investment.

Can Shoes or Boots be Fitted with Different Heels?
Have a pair of shoes or boots you love, but just can't take the heel? Before you pass them on, be sure to check out the answer to this FAQ -- your local cobbler may be able to help.

How to Save Your Shoes from Water Damage
Whether your kid waded through the water fully-clothed, or a basement flood wiped out your entire shoe collection, there are several things you can do to (hopefully) save your footwear from water damage.

Remove Shoe Scuffs at Home
Here's a quick and simple tip for removing surface scuffs from your shoes at home. And, the best part is, you already have everything you need!

Shoe Repair Forum at SSIA.info
Here's a forum for all your questions about shoe repair, from the experts in the Shoe Service Institute of America. If you're wondering how to repair (or take care of!) those expensive shoes, be sure to check this forum out.

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