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Top Shoe Storage Products - Shoe Racks, Boxes and Organizers


Shoe storage - from shoe racks to shoe boxes; and shoe bags to shoe closets, the options are endless. But, if you're like me, you might not have given much thought to organizing your shoes. After all, who wants to shop for a shoes rack, when you could be shopping for shoes? But when you realize there are no less than five pairs of shoes (all belonging to one person!) residing under your kitchen table, it's time to start shopping for shoe storage. Here are a few really great shoe organizers.

Clear Drop-Front Shoe Boxes in Two Sizes

Image: Organize.com
As far as I'm concerned, drop-front shoe boxes are one of the best methods of storing shoes. Ever.

And, while they're certainly not the least expensive shoe storage option, they're not crazy-expensive either -- especially if you opt for plastic boxes like the ones shown here, which run about $10 for the small size and $15 for the larger boxes.

Shoe Rack - Freestanding Storage for 50 Pairs of Shoes

Image: Organize.com
Oh my, this shoe rack is cool. If you have a space about 36 inches wide, ten inches deep, and less than five feet tall, this is the shoe rack for you. It is freestanding, and the seller claims it locks together easily in seconds. Holding up to fifty pairs of women's shoes, this may just be the shoe rack of your dreams. Also available is a thirty pair model - but, who are they kidding?

Over the Door Shoe Rack with Shelves

Image: StacksAndStacks.com
You don't have to smash your shoes into plastic compartments, or stretch them over metal hooks to make use of an over-the-door shoe rack. In fact, my favorite thing about this particular shoe rack is that it actually allows you to sit your shoes, side by side, on little mesh shelves, while still hanging unobtrusively over the closet (or any spare) door.

Adjustable Shelf Over-the-Door or Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack

Image: StacksAndStacks.com
This over-the-door shoe rack will hold up to two dozen pairs of shoes and will easily hang over most standard doors, or can be mounted to the wall. My favorite thing about this system is that it displays the shoes upright, instead of in pockets. It also has adjustable shelves to accommodate shoes or boots of any height.

Shoe Cubby - Storage for Up to Twenty Pairs of Shoes

Image: StacksAndStacks.com
These shoe organizers have open ends for easy access. This version holds 20 pair of shoes, but there are also versions that will hold 30 or 40 pairs. If you're looking for easy access to your shoes, and want a clean design, you should definitely check out these shoe organizers.

Expandable Chrome Shoe Rack

Image: StacksAndStacks.com
In addition to getting big points for being chrome, this shoe rack is also expandable from 26 inches to 47 inches wide, accommodating a lot of shoes. It has a very clean and contemporary look, and would be the perfect shoe rack for anyone who is looking to turn a bit of extra shelf or floor space into a happy place for shoes.

Clear Shoe Drawers : Cool and Stackable in Two Sizes

Image: Organize.com
When it comes to any form of shoe storage, I have a very simple theory: clear is cool. And these clear shoe drawers are the coolest. They come in two sizes and they are stackable. Unfortunately, they don't share the same footprint, so you can't neatly stack the two sizes on top of each other -- but still, you could do a section of each, or all one size, and set up quite a nice system of shoe storage.

What I love about shoe drawers is that you can have a few here and there, without having to commit a large amount of space to storing all of your shoes.
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