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Celebrity Shoes

Catch up with the latest trends in the world of celebrity shoes. From awards shows to sitcoms, hollywood stars and wardrobe staffs love their shoes as much as you do. Follow which celebrities are wearing which designers, and who is setting the trends with their own celebrity shoe designs.

Spice Girls
Whatever you thought of the Spice Girls, they always wore some notable shoes. And we're eager to see what kind of footwear their reunion will bring. Remember the styles of the past, and check in on their latest shoes and boots with this Shoes of the Spice Girls Photo Gallery.

Celebrity Shoes - Do the Shoes Fit?
Finding the perfect pair of shoes for any given outfit or occasion can be a little tricky. Of course, having a team of stylists and the world's top shoe designers at your disposal should help some. There's nothing wrong with the the shoes these celebrities have chosen, but maybe there was a better choice. You tell us ... do the shoes fit?

Gwen Stefani Shoes - LAMB Sneakers from Gwen Stefani
Sharing its name with her hit CD, Gwen Stefani's "L.A.M.B" ("Love, Angel, Music, Baby") line of apparel now includes sneakers designed by the singing star and Royal Elastics.

J Lo Shoes
Blatant sex appeal, sky high heels and bling-galore.

All About Pamela Anderson - Actress, Writer and Shoe Co-Designer
Pamela Anderson has reached icon status in many realms - as a model, actress, animal rights activist, author, and now co-designer of leather-free shoes. Learn more about this amazing woman.

New Adidas Shoes Feature Beckham's Thumbprint
These new Adidas shoes for soccer feature the thumbprint of David Beckham. Learn about the new Predator Pulse Thumbprint shoes from Adidas, and view images of the new Adidas shoes.

Jimmy Choo Shoes and Nude Models - Kate Moss, Rachel Hunter and More
Fourteen models, actresses and other celebrities don Jimmy Choo shoes, Cartier jewelry, and nothing else to help raise money for Elton John's Aids Foundation.

Jessica Simpson Shoes? Jessica and Reebok in Negotiations
Jessica Simpson already has a line of beauty products and Andrew Sports Club recently announced they will be marketing a new line of Jessica Simpson clothes for juniors and children. What's next? "Newlyweds" Jessica Simpson is in negotiations with Reebok about a new line of shoes.

Bata Shoe Museum
Next time you're in Toronto, be sure to check out the Bata Shoe Museum. This place is loaded with exhibits, and collections - including the "Walk of Fame" collection, complete with famous footwear such as John Lennon's Beatle boots, and a pair of Marilyn Monroe's red pumps. They even have a gift shop! If you can't make it to Canada anytime soon, be sure to at least visit this site!

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