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Kate Moss, Rachel Hunter and More Strip Down to Their Jimmy Choos for Charity

Celebrities Pose for Elton John's Aids Foundation


Updated June 04, 2007
Kate Moss, Rachel Hunter & Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York have all posed in nothing but Jimmy Choo shoes and Cartier jewelry.

Although it may have been a lot of fun, it's not just a fun night out. The girls all stripped down to the luxurious accessories for a good cause.

The models were photographed for a book called "Four Inches" - titled after the height of the stiletto Jimmy Choos that the models are wearing in the images.

London fashion photographer Pamela Hanson shot the photos, and the book will raise funds for Elton John's Aids Foundation.

Singer Macy Gray and actresses Lara Flynn Boyle and Rebecca Romijn Stamos also will appear in the book, scheduled to be released in 2005.
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