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4 Styles of School Shoes Nearly Every Girl Will Need


I'd be willing to bet that some of you are laughing right now, because your daughter made it through last year with only one pair of school shoes. Consider yourself lucky, but also know that as she gets older, her footwear needs are likely to change. The fact is, most girls will need at least two shoe styles to get through the school year, and many will need even more.

Naturally, the exact number of different shoe styles your daughter needs is based on a variety of factors, including age, grade, interests, activities, climate, and even personality. To delve deeper into some of these areas, and to see suggestions for a variety of styles, keep reading.

Everyday School Shoes for Girls

Of course, some girls like having a variety of everyday shoes to choose from, but for the moment let's just focus on that one "go-to" pair of shoes -- the ones she'll wear most often.

To choose this pair of school shoes, you'll need to really think about your daughter's personality and activities, as well as your own budget. Together, these factors will determine how rugged her shoes need to be, and whether or not they'll need to serve other purposes as well. And, since these shoes will likely get a lot of wear, you'll also want to take her personal preferences into account, as they will go a long way towards choosing shoes that she will actually like wearing.

For most girls, basic flat shoes will likely be the best bet, and comfort really counts here. Slip-on shoes like loafers, mary janes or ballet flats are usually a good choice because they work well with jeans or pants, and there are no laces to contend with -- although, even with their laces, fashion sneakers will also be a good bet for a lot of kids.

First we'll address casual loafers, then we'll look at some slightly dressier options for girls who might prefer to dress up just a bit more.

Casual Everyday Shoes

Casual loafers and other slip-ons are the perfect everyday shoes for girls who don't dress up often, or those who are fairly active on a regular basis.

If a single pair of shoes is going to be worn nearly every day, or if she spends a lot of time playing outside, then you'll want to look at casual shoes with heavier uppers, fuller coverage, and thicker soles. Here is a link to a slip-on casual style that would make great everyday shoes, if you don't need a style that's really rugged. (Buy Direct)

Casual-Dress Shoes for Girls

For the girl who also wears dresses and skirts on a regular basis, and is pretty easy on her footwear, ballet flats or mary janes might be a better option than loafers because they'll also look good with jeans.

Of course, if more than one pair of shoes are going to be in the everyday rotation, then you could just get a pair of each, but there are still other options to consider, so after checking out these casual-dress flats, be sure to continue reading.

Girls' Sneakers / Athletic Shoes

Nearly every school girl is going to need at least one pair of athletic shoes. In some cases, they'll just be regular, everyday fashion sneakers that she'll wear with jeans, and they might be able to serve double-duty for gym class.

Obviously, if your daughter plays any organized sports, she'll probably need specific shoes just for those. And, some schools will require special sneakers, used only for gym class or PE.

But, for those general purpose sneakers that every kid (and nearly every adult) loves to wear, I've listed a good example below.

Special Occasion / Dress Shoes

Some kids will get away without ever having to wear dress shoes to school. I think -- at least for a couple of grades -- I was one of those girls myself. But, a lot of students will have at least one or two occasions where they'll need to dress up... choir concerts, awards assemblies, and so forth.

For those occasions, it's good to have a pair of dress shoes in the closet -- but don't buy them too far in advance, or if you're not sure they'll be needed, since your daughter's shoe size might change before she gets a chance to wear them.

Boots for Rainy or Snowy School Days

For those rainy, sloppy, muddy days, you'll definitely want a pair of galoshes or rain boots to send your daughter off to school in. The main goal here is to keeping feet dry, so look for a waterproof boot in a style that extends over the ankle. You'll also want soles that provide plenty of traction, to keep your child from slipping on wet surfaces.

If you live in a climate with cold winters, then boots that have insulation as well as waterproofing might be able to work for both wet and cold conditions. Naturally, if winters in your hometown are extremely harsh, then she will probably need a pair of winter boots designed exclusively for those conditions.

School Shoes for the Rest of the Family

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