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Baby Shoes

The Hottest Brands in Baby Shoes and Toddler Shoes


While many experts agree that walking barefoot is the best way for a for a child's feet to develop, baby shoes and toddler shoes help protect your children's feet from sharp objects, rough surfaces, and cold weather.

But all baby shoes are not created equal.

This photo gallery highlights some of the hottest brands in baby shoes and footwear for toddlers, and includes information on the features that make them so popular.

When you're done, be sure to check out About.com's Pediatrics site for great advice on choosing baby shoes.
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  1. Preschoolians ShoesOne of my personal faves, Preschoolians shoes feature a "Visu Fit" window.
  2. Robeez ShoesRobeez shoes and booties are all the rage among celebrity babies.
  3. Pediped ShoesPediped shoes are extremely popular and come in a wide array of cute styles.
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