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Boys' Rain Boots

Top Brands and What to Look For


While finding suitable rain boots for girls is a relatively simple task, parents of boys may have a bit more difficulty.

It's not that there is a shortage of boys' rain boots to choose from. In fact, it's easy to find styles ranging from plain rubber galoshes to slick designs with colorful prints. The trick is in finding a pair that will keep their feet dry, and that they'll actually wear.

Whether you're raising a champion puddle-jumper or just need boots for those inevitable rainy days, you're sure to find something from one of the popular brands listed below.

But before we get into the that, let's take a look at what you'll want to look for when shopping for any pair of rain boots.

How to Choose the Perfect Boots

Image of four children's feet stomping through puddle in rain boots.
Peter Cade/Getty Images

The first thing you'll need to determine is whether your child will be wearing the boots indoors as well, or only when they're outside.

If they need a pair of boots they can wear all day then you'll want to look for styles similar to their regular shoes or boots, but made with waterproof features and materials.

If the boots are only going to be worn to and from school, or when playing outside, your job is a lot easier. But, you still need to keep a few things in mind.

The boots should be easy for your kid to take on and off -- even when you're not around to help them. Not a big deal for older kids, but some younger children might struggle with taller styles.

Some boots come with built-in handles that are a big help. But they're usually more helpful in pulling boots on than they are for taking boots off.

Another alternative is to look for boots with front laces, side zippers, or velcro closures, but if you go with one of these options, you'll want to insure that the openings won't let water creep in.

You'll also want to think about whether or not the boots are just meant to keep your son's feet dry, or if they'll need to keep them warm as well. If they're going to be worn in cold weather, you'll want to look for styles with added insulation. You may even want to consider a pair of snow boots instead of simple rain boots.

And finally, you should look for a style that your boy will actually like. If he refuses to wear them, they're not going to do much good at all.

Keeping those things in mind, have a look at the following popular brands. You should be able to find several styles that will fit the bill.

Classic Rain Boots from Hunter

Tall, classic kids' rain boots from Hunter.
Image: Zappos.com

Long-known for their traditional green Wellingtons (or Wellies), Hunter now makes boots in an array of colors for the whole family.

Choose from basic colors like red or dark green, or more vivid shades like yellow or lime. But whichever hue you and your kids prefer, you'll know you're going to get one serious rain boot with a great reputation for quality and comfort.

Rain Boots with Character from Western Chief

Waterproof boots for boys with side handles and batman logo.
Image: Shoes.com

I don't know whether or not every boy loves Batman, but if yours does, he's in luck with these rain boots from Western Chief.

If not, don't worry, this brand also offers Superman, frogs, cars, and plenty of other kid-friendly styles to choose from as well. But my favorite feature of these boots is the side handles that allow kids to easily pull them on and off.

Bogs 'Glosh' and Other Cool Rain Boots for Kids

Green rubber waterproof boots with cut-out side handles.
Image: ShoeBuy.com
After my recent review of Bogs boots, I've become a big fan of the brand. But even before I'd tried them out myself, I found the kids' versions of Bogs to be irresistibly cool and clever.

The 'Glosh' is one of the newest additions to their kids' line, and the bright colors, practical side handles, and reasonable price tag are sure to make them a big hit with parents and kids alike.

Hiking-Styled Waterproof Boots from Timberland

Brown, hiking-styled rain boots for boys.
Image: Zappos.com

Some boys might resist the idea of wearing rain boots -- especially once they get a little older.

Timberland offers a good selection of boots that look like hiking or sporty boots, but still offer some protection against the elements.

While boots like these don't offer the height of a traditional rubber rain boot, they are waterproof, and they can be worn all day -- so in some ways, they might even be preferable.

There are a lot of boots that look like these, but if you expect them to protect your child from water, of course, they have to be waterproof. Be sure to check before purchasing.

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