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Girls' Rain Boots

2013 Rain Boots for Girls


Girls' rain boots are so fun and colorful, compiling this list of top picks really made me miss my own puddle-jumping days. Whether your own girl is into hearts and flowers or something more subtle, there's sure to be pair of girls' rain boots on this list of 2013's top picks that you're both going to love.

Girls' Rain Boots from Kamik - Colorful Prints and Patterns

Image: Zappos.com
Kamik offers a lot of affordable, fun rain boots, usually including several print options, like styles with hearts, flowers, or one of my personal favorites, colorful retro patterns all over them -- and they typically have some cute solid styles as well. She's sure to love them, and so are you. And, if you really love them, there's more good news: many of their styles are available in adult sizes as well. Beyond rain boots, this brand also makes snow boots and sandals.

Hunter Wellington 'Gloss' Boots - Classic Rain Boots for Girls

Image: Piperlime.com
Hunter Wellington boots are famous around the world, and have been around forever. But before you think they only come in stodgy green, think again. These classic wellies come in a rainbow of bright and pastel colors. The version shown here is from their youth 'Gloss' line, so it has an extra sheen to it, but there are matte varieties as well.

Girls' Rain Boots with Character from Western Chief

Image: Shoes.com
Who could let a rainy day bring them down when they have kitties, chicks or butterflies on their feet? Please! They'll be longing for overcast skies. But if your girl prefers a simpler look, there are plenty of colorful solids to choose from as well.

Another thing I love about Western Chief boots is the built in side handles that make them so easy to pull on and off.

Cute and Functional Bogs Rain Boots for Girls

Image: ShoeBuy.com
Cute and colorful, these rain boots have built-handles that make them easy to get on and off, and they come in a variety of patterns and color combinations. Other features that make these girls' rain boots stand out from the crowd include: odor-resistant insoles and uppers that stretch.

I recently reviewed Bogs boots for women, and I loved them, so if their girls' boots are as nice as the adult versions, then any girl who gets a pair of these rain boots in for a treat.

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