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When it comes to shoes, comfort is of utmost importance. This guide to comfortable shoes features the top brands of comfortable shoes, including shopping info, fashion advice and the latest styles.
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Six Secrets for Finding Comfortable Shoes
Here are some tips for finding shoes that actually feel good for a change!

Aerosoles Shoes - Top Picks for Women
Built on the philosophy that women do not have to sacrifice style for comfort, Aerosoles has even worked to make heels that are comfortable, by using soft leathers, memory foam and flexible soles. Here are some of their best.

Birkenstock Shoes - Top Picks for Women
Birkenstock shoes are a favorite among the young, and their comfortability, durability, and style have made them not only an icon, but the footwear choice of many loyal fans of all ages.

Born Shoes - Stylish & Comfortable
Born shoes are a treat to look at and to wear. Learn more about this unique brand of footwear.

Born Shoes - Top Picks for Men
Beloved by many, this brand takes craftsmanship to a whole new level, and their shoes are definitely among the most stylish casual shoes I've seen.

Clarks Shoes - Top Picks for Women
Known worldwide as a top choice in comfortable footwear, Clarks England helped to pioneer the concept. And you may be surprised that comfortable footwear can be so stylish.

Comfort Shoe Brands and Where to Buy Them
From straight-out comfort to urban styling, there are comfort shoes on this list for every style -- and some great places to buy them.

Earth Shoes - Top Picks for Men
Earth shoes feature a Negative Heel® technology that promises natural body alignment and better posture. If sales and fan loyalty are any indication, they've made good on that promise.

Earth Shoes - Top Picks for Women
Earth shoes still tout the technology that made them famous in the 70s, but now there are a variety of colors, styles and materials to choose from.

Easy Spirit Shoes - Top Picks for Women
Always perfect for work or casual affairs, Easy Spirit has also taken comfort to a new level with the introduction of a designer line from Tara Subkoff -- a shoe for every occasion.

Geox Shoes - Let Your Feet Breathe
Shoes with breathable soles decrease heat and odor buildup.

Hush Puppies Shoes - Top Picks for Women
Putting comfort and function first doesn't mean they skimp on style. And while you won't find any flashy stilettos on this list, these top picks are definitely worth checking out.

Klogs USA - Comfort Seekers May Love Klogs Shoes
If you're among the millions of people who've fallen in love with the colorful rubber clogs that have been working their way around the world, Klogs USA is a brand you might also enjoy.

LL Bean - Top Picks and Great Deals
Comfort, style and affordability meet in LL Bean's selection of footwear, and these top choices are no exception.

MBT Shoes - A Review
MBT shoes have been billed as "the world's smallest gym." Read this review of MBT shoes, and the effect they had on leg and foot pain.

MBT Shoes - What to Know & Where to Buy
These unique shoes have supposedly help wearer's tone up, lose weight, and even smooth cellulite - learn what's hype and what's real about MBT shoes.

Naturalizer Shoes - Top Picks for Women
Unlike many "sensible shoe" brands, you'll find lots of feminine styles and contemporary details among these top picks in Naturalizer shoes.

New Balance - Top Picks for Men
With these New Balance top picks, your style worries are a thing of the past -- even when you are as comfortable as can be.

New Balance Shoes - Top Picks for Women
Although New Balance shoes are famous for comfort, this list will have them famous for style as well. There's something here for everyone.

Trying on Shoes - Rules & Tips
For some people, trying on shoes is merely a necessity, for others, it's a pastime - but either way, there are a few rules you should follow when trying on footwear.

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