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Designers & Brands

Want to know why everyone loves New Balance, who wears Adidas shoes, or why Manolo Blahnik shoes are so coveted? Or maybe you just want to find the best deal on some cute boots. Either way, this is where you want to look. Items are sorted by the first letter of the brand or designer's name. For example, articles about Jimmy Choo are in "J," Rocket Dog in "R," etc.
  1. #/A/B/C Designers & Brands (23)
  2. D/E/F Designers & Brands (9)
  3. G/H/I Designers & Brands (4)
  4. J/K/L Designers & Brands (13)
  5. M/N/O Designers & Brands (20)
  6. P/Q/R Designers & Brands (4)
  7. S/T/U/V Designers & Brands (6)
  8. Shoe Designers (5)
  9. W/X/Y/Z Designers & Brands (1)

Cute Shoes: Top Brands for Women
Here is a list of some of the cutest brand name shoes around.

Dress Shoes: The Most Popular Brands for Women
Take a look at the most popular brand names in dress shoes, and find out why each brand is such a favorite among women.

Evening Shoes: Top Brands
If you have a special occasion coming up, then you'll definitely want to have a look at this list of popular evening shoe brands. Included are manufacturers of some of the most coveted and best-selling prom shoes, bridal shoes, and other evening shoes.

Favorite Designers & Brands: My Current
One of the joys of this work is that I'm constantly learning about new shoe brands and designers -- here are a few of my current favorites.

Hot Shoes: Sexy & Trendsetting Brands and Labels
Are you looking for hot shoes as in sexy shoes, or hot shoes as in the trendiest style? It doesn't really matter, because you'll find the top brands and designers in each, right here. Along with where to score the hottest deals in both.

Most Popular Men's Shoe Brands
A look at some of the most popular men's shoe brands on the market today.

Popular Running Shoes for Men
In this article, Craig Playstead takes a look at some of the most popular running shoes and running shoe brands for men, so that you can choose the right pair for your particular needs.

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