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Want to know why everyone loves New Balance, who wears Adidas shoes, or why Manolo Blahnik shoes are so coveted? Or maybe you just want to find the best deal on some cute boots. Find shoes by designer or manufacturer, featuring top brand name shoes, including Vans, Nike, Reebok, Skechers, New Balance, Adidas, Manolo Blahnik, and more.
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Cole Haan Men's Shoes: Sophisticated Style
Fans of Cole Haan shoes will love this look at the history of this company.

Most Popular Men's Shoe Brands
A look at some of the most popular men's shoe brands on the market today.

Designer Shoes for Less
Have a love for designer shoes, but not the budget? Don't worry, you're not alone. In fact, prices of designer shoes have climbed to such outrageous heights that nearly everyone is looking for designer shoes for less.

I've listed below a few of my favorite places to shop for discount designer shoes. Some of the sites offer discounted prices every day of the year, while others are sites t…

Why Birkenstock Shoes are So Popular
It's not just hippies that love Birkenstocks. Find out why this legendary brand has been so popular, for so long.

Bettye Muller
Bettye Muller has described her shoes as being like Hitchcock Blondes, stating that "they have a distinct look that is mysterious and beautiful. Each one tells a story." I don't have a my own catchy term to describe her shoes, but I can tell that I love how she uses colors and prints, and how each shoe -- and each collection -- is so unique and...

Christian Louboutin
You know Christian Louboutin shoes when you see the red soles, and you know they're worn by some of the world's most famous women. But how much do you know about the creator of the sexy footwear? Learn more about the designer and his shoes with these Christian Louboutin fast facts.

Christian Louboutin Shoes
Christian Louboutin shoes are among the most glamorous in the world. Perhaps that's why they're worn worn by some of the world's most glamorous women. To see why everyone's so in love with the shoes with red soles, check out these top picks in Christian Louboutin shoes.

Jimmy Choo
You see Jimmy Choo shoes all over the red carpet and you know they cost a small fortune, but how much do you really know about Jimmy Choo? Check out these fast facts for some quick and fun information about one of this generation's most notable shoe designers.

Shoe Designer Launches First Line
While many a shoe lover dreams of designing her own line of shoes, few of them actually do it. Learn more about what her impressive debut collection, as well as what it takes to launch a line of shoes in today's market.

Love Your Shoes Photo Gallery
While many a shoe lover has dreamed of designing her own line of shoes, Mary Houston actually took the bull by the horns and did it. This gallery contains photos of shoes from her impressive first collection of footwear and an accompanying interview with the talented designer.

Taryn Rose - The Doctor Behind the Designer Shoes
Learn more about the woman who turned from her career as an orthopedic surgeon, to the life of a high-end shoe designer.

Cute Shoes - Top Brands for Women
Here is a list of some of the cutest brand name shoes around.

Designer Shoes Online
If you don't live in a major city, it can be difficult to shop for designer shoes. But the web has changed all of that. Here are some tips for safe shopping, and a list of some of the best sites to find designer footwear.

Detny Shoes from Shane and Shawn
I give designers Shane and Shawn's Detny shoes a try to see if high heels could ever be as comfortable as sneakers.

Hot Shoes - Popular & Trendsetting Shoe Brands
From new names to old classics, these are the shoes that are shaping the styles.

Jimmy Choo - Profile
Learn about the people behind those coveted shoes with this informative profile.

Jimmy Choo Shoes - Top Picks
The three words most likely to give a shoe lover goosebumps? Jimmy Choo shoes. If you don't know what all the fuss is about, you will after checking out my top picks below. And if you already get it, then I needn't say more.

Vivienne Westwood - Profile
Vivienne Westwood was one of the architects of punk fashion, but few things she's created have garnered more attention than her shoes. Check out this article for more information and photos of Vivienne Westwood and Vivienne Westwood shoes.

Alexander McQueen Shoes
Alexander McQueen's shoes ranged from breathtakingly beautiful to boldly bizarre, but they were never boring. For a closer look at the shoes of this legendary designer, be sure to check out this Alexander McQueen photo gallery.

Popular Running Shoes for Men
In this article, Craig Playstead takes a look at some of the most popular running shoes and running shoe brands for men, so that you can choose the right pair for your particular needs.

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