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BAPE Shoes

About A Bathing Ape and Where to Buy Authentic Styles


Insanely simple and impossibly popular, Bape shoes from A Bathing Ape are shrouded in mystery, easy to spot, hard to buy, and more in-demand than ever.

The following information will help acquaint newcomers to the world of A Bathing Ape, and includes links to sites that sell authentic Bape Sta shoes, as well as other Bathing Ape clothes and merchandise.

A Bathing Ape Terms to Know:


  • A Bathing Ape: The company's name is derived from the Japanese expression for trend-following youth, "bathing in lukewarm water."
  • Bape: Pronounced "bayp" (rhymes with "tape"), Bape is the nickname for A Bathing Ape. "Bapes" refers to Bathing Ape shoes, e.g. "Has anyone seen my Bapes?"
  • Bape Sta: The official name of Bathing Ape's popular athletic shoes, also called "Bapesta."
  • Fapes: Street term for fake of counterfeit Bapes.
  • Busy Work Shop: This is the name of A Bathing Apes retail locations.


What Are Bapes:

Bapes is the nickname for the Bape Sta, an athletic-styled shoe from the Japanese company A Bathing Ape. The term "Bape" is used as a nickname for A Bathing Ape.

Who Created Bapes:

The Bape "Sta" shoes were an addition to the already successful Bathing Ape clothing line, created by Tokyo designer and company founder Nigo (pronounced "nee-go").

Who Wears A Bathing Ape:

Bape Stas were originally hottest amongst the hip and trendsetting Street Fashion youth of Japan.

Thanks in part to celebrities like super-producer Pharrell Williams and Good Charlotte's Benji and Joel Madden donning the label, Bathing Ape has become increasingly popular in the U.S. as well.

The Bathing Ape Brand:

It started in 1993 with t-shirts, but this "underground" brand name is now mainstream enough to be found on a toy line, cafe, hair salon and record label, in addition to its ever-expanding line of hoodies, shirts and shoes.

Where to Buy Authentic Bape Shoes:

Of course, the best place to buy Bathing Ape products is at one of their Busy Work Shop retail outlets, or at a licensed retailer.

But if you don't happen to live in a major city and don't mind paying a bit more for them, you may want to check out the following web sites. They have a reputation for selling authentic products, but be sure to check their return policies before buying.


A Word About Fapes (Fake Bapes):

Due to the hefty price tag and because the shoes are so hard to get, there are a plethora of fakes out there. These counterfeit shoes are known as FAPEs, which is short for "Fake Bapes." If you want authentic Bape shoes, you should only purchase them from a trusted retailer. You can learn more about spotting fake bapes at the Sole Collection Forums.

Official Web Site for A Bathing Ape:

In line with their limited-edition, exclusive, keeping them in demand approach to marketing, the official Bathing Ape web site can not be viewed in your browser. Upon visiting the site, you must execute a download to actually get any information.

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