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Fit, Sizes & Comfort

When shopping shoes, size and comfort are essential. Whether you're looking for large shoe sizes, wide width shoes, or plan to buy shoes online, you should check out these shoe size conversion and fitting charts before shopping.
  1. Comfortable Shoes
  2. Hard to Fit Sizes (19)
  3. Size Charts (23)

Wide Calf Boots
If you have trouble finding boots to fit your calves, then you'll definitely want to check out this article. I've provided lots of tips for what to look for, as well as a few brands that generally offer wide calf boots for women.

Find Your Shoe Size - How to Measure Your Foot
If it's been awhile since you've had your feet measured, you may want to check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to find your shoe size at home.

Most Comfortable Shoes Ever
Looking for a pair of comfortable shoes? Here are a few tips from our readers. And, if you've already got a fave, don't hold back. We want to hear about them.

How to Convert Men's to Women's Shoe Sizes

Stuck Between Shoe Sizes
Finding the right pair of shoes or boots can be tough, especially when you're caught between sizes. Check out this article to see how you can make a shoe that's a little big work for you.

Large Shoes for Women - Retailers of Women's Large Shoes
Huge selections of larger shoes, including narrow & wide widths.

Large Size Women's Shoes
If you're shopping for large size women's shoes, here is a list of online shoe stores and resources that can help. Huge selections of large size women's shoes, including extra narrow or extra wide shoes in larger sizes.

Men's Narrow and Narrow Width Shoes - What do all Those Letters Mean?
Are you a 10A or a 9EE? Do you know? Do you even know what I'm talking about? The letter and number combinations found on men's shoes, indicate the sizes and widths. This chart will help you understand those markings better.

Narrow Width Shoes for Women - Retailers of Women's Narrow Shoes
Some of the best resources for women's shoes in narrow widths.

Wide Width Shoes for Women - Retailers of Women's Wide Shoes
This list contains some of the top online retailers of women's wide and extra wide shoes.

Women's Shoes - Width Markings
For most people knowing their shoe size is not quite enough, as width is also a factor - but there's so many letters! Learn what they mean for you.

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