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Inches to U.S. Men's Shoe Sizes - Conversion Chart


This shoe size conversion chart will aid you in determining your approximate U.S. men's shoe size, using the measurement of your feet in inches.

When measuring their feet, most people will find that one foot is slightly smaller than the other. You should always use the measurement from the larger of your two feet when estimating your size.

Of course, the length of your foot isn't the only criterion used in obtaining a good fit, and manufacturer's sizes will definitely vary. In fact, different models from the same brand will likely differ from one another, so, remember to write down your measurements -- length and width -- in inches. That way, if you are buying shoes online, you can compare the size of your feet with the measurements of each particular manufacturer's sizing chart.

If you want to be certain to get a good fit, and you can't try them on, you should have your feet measured by a professional and use those measurements when shopping from size charts.

Inches to Men's U.S. Shoe Size

U.S. Men's Shoe SizeInches
69 516"
6.59 12"
79 1116"
7.59 1316"
8.510 316"
910 516"
9.510 12"
1010 1116"
10.510 1316"
11.511 316"
1211 516"
12.511 12"
1311 1116"
13.511 1316"
14.512 316"
1512 516"

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