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Men's Wide and Narrow Width Shoe Markings

What do all Those Letters Mean?


Man shopping for shoes
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For most people knowing their shoe size is not quite enough; width is also a factor. But, there are so many letters and variations!

Below is a chart to help you sort out which markings constitute slim, narrow, wide and extra-wide men's shoes. And, if you need to find your own shoe size or width, the following articles and charts will help.

While the following list is not all-inclusive (you can sometimes find 3A or 6E), you'll get the idea of how markings work.

Tip for Narrow Widths: The more letters, the slimmer the shoe.
Example: AA or 2A is more narrow than A.

Tip for Wide Widths: The more letters, the wider the shoe.
Example: EEEE or 4E is wider than EEE or 3E.

Here is a similar chart for Women's Shoe Markings.

Men's Shoes Width Markings

Slim Narrow Medium Wide X-Wide
A N M 2E 4E
S C - EE H
- - - W WW
- - - - XW

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