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U.S. Women's Shoe Sizes to Inches Conversion Chart


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A lot of footwear manufacturers have their own size charts. If one is available, you should always compare your measurements to that, as sizes will vary from brand to brand. If no such chart can be found, or if you're just trying to get a general idea of your shoe size, you can use the chart below to convert the length of your largest foot (in inches) to U.S. women's shoe sizes.

Remember, the length is only one factor in determining the size you'll actually wear. Width is another. And, even the depth can sometimes have an affect on which shoe brands and styles you can wear.

If you want to be certain that shoes will fit, try them on. If that's not possible, then your next best option is to have your feet professionally measured, and compare those numbers to the charts provided by specific manufacturers.

Inches to U.S. Women's Shoe Size Conversion Chart

U.S. Women's Shoe Size Inches
5 8 1116
5.5 8 1316
6 9
6.5 9 316
7 9 516
7.5 9 12
8 9 1116
8.5 9 1316
9 10"
9.5 10 316
10 10 516
10.5 10 12
11 10 1116
11.5 10 1316
12 11
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