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A Great Use for Shoe Bags

Keep A Spare Pair on Hand When You Travel


While I have several pairs of great shoes - shoes that I, in fact, think are perfect - it seems like I'm always wearing the wrong pair at the wrong time.

Problem: It's a Saturday evening, we have no big plans, so we're on our way to pick up takeout, when we realize that the big arts festival is today. I want to go, but it's hours and hours of walking, and I'm wearing ... mules ... heels ... flip-flops - some form of footwear that's inappropriate for that much walking on concrete.

Or, I know we're going shopping and throw on my old sneakers, only to realize how grungy they really look just as it's suggested that we try a new restaurant for dinner.

Solution: Travel with an extra pair of shoes. If you're wearing heels, take a pair of flats or sneakers along, just in case a walking-situation occurs.

If you live in casual shoes, keep a pair of dressy casual shoes with you - something that can dress up jeans if you need to look a little tidier on a moment's notice. The ideal way of storing these extra shoes is with shoe bags. In addition to being great for that "extra pair" on the back seat, they're an essential for travel, as they'll help keep shoe soles from marking clothes, etc. A few good examples of affordable shoe bags are listed below.

Roomy Shoe Bags - Ideal for the car, these roomy shoe bags might actually hold more than one pair of extra shoes, depending on the style and size.

"Pick Pink" Shoe Bags - Same bag as above, only in pink, and 10% of the retail price is donated to The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

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