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Beautiful Feet

How to Combat Common Foot Problems


You've found the perfect pair of shoes - they're gorgeous, comfortable, match your new dress exactly, and they were 75% off - the only problem is, your feet aren't quite as perfect.

Whether it's cracked heels, bad toenails, or the need for a pedicure that's keeping you out of the shoes you love, here are a few options for several common conditions that will give you pampered and beautiful feet. You'll be back into your favorite strappy shoes in no time.

Treating Rough, Dry and Cracked Heels

Several factors can contribute to dry heels including climate, excess weight and going barefoot, but however you got them, nothing can ruin a pair of sexy sandals more quickly than rough, cracked heels. Fortunately, they're not too difficult to deal with - here is the method I used for clearing up my own dry heels.

Eliminating Calluses and Corns

Usually forming on the sole of your feet, calluses (hardened, thickened skin) can actually show up nearly anywhere on your feet. Corns also represent as thickened skin, but they are usually found on our toes, and are the result of pressure -- such as that created by shoes that are too tight.

There are several treatments that you and your doctor can perform to help alleviate the pain and unsightliness of corns and calluses, and return your feet to baby-softness. The following article offers some great information and advice.

Treating Toenails - Nail Fungus and Infections

Infected toenails can quickly become thick and yellowish - but these symptoms can also be a sign of problems other than a nail fungus. Whatever the condition, unattractive toenails often cause embarrassment, as well as sometimes being uncomfortable. There are treatments that can help - but first you'll need to have your condition diagnosed. Learn more about fungal infections and possible treatments with this helpful article from Heather Brannon, M.D., About.com's Guide to Dermatology.

Ingrown Toenails

If you've ever had an ingrown toenail, you already know how painful they can be -- they can also strip all of the fun out of shoe-shopping. Learn how to avoid ingrown toenails, and what to do when you have one, with this in-depth article from Jonathan Cluett, M.D. - your guide to Orthopedics on About.com.

Pampered Feet are Beautiful Feet

Once your feet are healthy and smooth, you'll want to give them the royal treatment with a top-notch pedicure.

If you want to feel especially pampered, call your favorite nail salon or spa and book an appointment. For those who prefer the "do it yourself" approach, About.com's Guide to Beauty Julyne Derrick has the scoop on how to get truly beautiful feet.

The Final Touch: The Perfect Nail Polish

Beauty-wise, there are few things in this life that can cost so little and add as much impact as the perfect polish on your nails - and a great nail polish is essential for open-toed shoes and sandals. For less than $10 (US), you can get one of these top polishes, as rated by About.com's Guide to Beauty.

Show Off Your Sexy Feet in Sexy Shoes

Now that your feet look great, you'll need to treat yourself to some fabulous shoes. Check out some of my top picks in Sexy Sandals for a few ideas.

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