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Shoe Photos, News & ShoeMaking

Check out these shoe photo galleries, learn the craft of shoemaking, read a bit about shoe design, or take in some shoe history with this complete guide to the shoe industry.
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Shoes Online
For shoe lovers, the web has become the greatest thing since high heels. We can buy shoes online, read about the latest trends and styles, and of course, shop for more shoes online. Here are some of the best places to read about, and shop for shoes online.

Shoe Lasts
Learn what a shoe last is, and how it's integral to the art of shoemaking. Also check out photos of shoe lasts.

Foot Binding
Foot binding was an old Chinese custom in which young girls' feet were tightly bound to restrict and alter their growth. Learn more about why it was practiced, how it worked, and the damage that was done by foot binding.

Mark Schwartz - Shoes as Idea
"Shoes as Idea" is a collection of paintings from acclaimed shoe designer Mark Schwartz.

Design Your Own Shoes
Customize nearly every aspect of your high heels, then have them manufactured in the U.S.A., with this unique shoe site.

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