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Kids' Shoes and Baby Shoes


When it comes to kids' shoes and baby shoes, a good fit, durability, comfort, and meeting the approval of the child who'll be wearing them are all essential components. These articles cover some of the most popular brands and styles, and will help you learn more about choosing footwear for children and infants.
  1. Fit & Shopping Tips
  2. Kids' Shoe Styles & Types
  3. Hot Brands in Kids' Shoes
  4. All About Baby Shoes

Fit & Shopping Tips

Image of young mother tying her child's shoes.

Whether they're ruining them, or just outgrowing them, if you have children, you know how quickly they go through shoes. These articles and tips will help make shopping for children's and baby shoes a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Kids' Shoe Styles & Types

Boys and girls standing in line, single file, wearing white socks and school shoes.

Today's kids wear a lot of different hats, consequently, they need a lot of different shoes. One minute, they need shoes for the soccer pitch, the next, they need dress shoes for the choir concert -- and that's to say nothing of the sneakers they'll want just because all of their friends have them. These articles will help you find the perfect shoes for all those occasions, and more.

Hot Brands in Kids' Shoes

Little girl reach for the pair of shoes she likes off a shelf full of kids' shoes.

Some of the brands included here offer shoes you'll wish came in adult sizes, and others you just may not get -- but your kids will. Here are a few of the hottest kids' shoe brands.

All About Baby Shoes

Green baby shoes, that could suit either a boy or a girl.

For proper foot development experts recommend letting your infant go barefoot - but there are times when a baby's feet will need protection, and you'll want baby shoes. The information below will help you determine when to opt for baby shoes; what brands and styles you'll want; and where to find them when you decide.

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