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Men's Shoes


While men's shoes don't undergo quite as many dramatic changes as women's shoes, there are still subtle differences from season to season. Learn about the latest styles, as well as how to wear the classics, how to get a good fit, and more with this complete guide to men's shoes.
  1. Men's Shoe Basics
  2. Top Styles & How to Wear Them
  3. Choosing the Best Shoes
  1. Top Brands and Designers
  2. Men's Shoe Reviews
  3. Getting a Good Fit

Men's Shoe Basics

Close-up shot of men's brown dress shoes.

In addition to those basic styles that every man should have, this section also includes links to the latest styles and trends in men's shoes -- as well as information on how to choose the right footwear for any occasion or outfit.

Top Styles & How to Wear Them

Row of nice men's shoes in dress styles.

Whether it's retro sneakers or rugged boots, most of us have a favorite shoe style -- and that's great. But for a well-rounded wardrobe, and to be certain you're ready for any occasion, it's best to have a variety of shoe styles in your closet. Here's more on a few of the more popular men's shoe types.

Choosing the Best Shoes

Image of man in dress pants, choosing between different styles of dress shoes.

A lot of men I've known tend to stick to one style of shoe because it's what they're most comfortable with. But there's a big, wide world of shoes out there to choose from. The articles below will help you choose the right styles and colors for a variety of outfits and occasions.

Top Brands and Designers

Photo of popular men's shoe brand, Nike 'Cortez.'

Trying a new shoe style or brand is a great way to avoid becoming predictable in our choices, and it's always exciting to try something different. But when it comes to shoes, most of us have a few favorite brands and designers, and that's not necessarily a bad thing -- we know how their shoes feel, how they fit, and how they hold up. You can learn a bit more about some of the most popular men's shoe brands with the articles listed here.

Men's Shoe Reviews

Close-up shot of man tightening laces on his running shoes.

If you're looking for a second opinion before committing to those new shoes or boots, then you'll definitely want to have a look at these men's shoe reviews.

Getting a Good Fit

Seated man, tying shoes, making sure they fit well.

Getting a good fit is essential, but it's not always as simple as it seems. Here are a few articles that will help you find your shoe size, and locate footwear in hard-to-fit sizes.

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