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Hosiery, Laces & More

Handbags, purses, belts, socks, hose and other accessories for shoes. From designer handbags and purses, to top picks and great handbag bargains, as well as top choices for other shoe accessories.
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Where to Buy Tights Online
If, like me, you love colorful, fun, and/or sexy tights, stockings, and hosiery, then you're going to adore this list. It features all of my favorite places to shop online for women's tights -- and trust me, I've amassed quite a few of them.

Hose and Tights with Open-Toed Shoes
Lots of people say it's a "don't," but I think it all depends. Learn why.

Knee Socks - The Best Online Shopping
The perfect compromise between wearing pantyhose and going barefoot, chic knee socks work especially well with trousers. Here are a few of my favorite places on the web for knee sock shopping.

Men's Bags - Top Picks
The wise man now knows what women have known all along - carrying your stuff is good. This list includes a bag for nearly every type of guy.

Everything You Need to Know About Messenger Bags
One of the most practical items you can own, the humble messenger bag has gained huge popularity. This article explores why, as well as where to get the coolest styles.

Fashion Hosiery - How to Wear Sexy Stockings and Tights
This how-to-wear guide shows off some of the most exciting options in fashion hosiery, including floral, fishnet, bright, and textured stockings and tights.

Shoe Clips - The Best Selections from Around the Web
A nice pair of shoe clips won't just transform a single pair of shoes, they can change your whole footwear wardrobe.

Evening Handbags - Top Picks
Nothing could be finer than finding the perfect evening handbag, and these pretty styles will get you well on your way.

Selecting Hosiery - How To
Great tips and advice on how to choose the right hose or tights for your outfit, from About.com's Guide to Women's Fashion.

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