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Toe Socks

Where and Why to Buy Them


If you've never known the joy of a pair of toe socks, then you should. If you're like many of people I've talked to who have assumed that they were uncomfortable, let me enlighten you: they're not.

In fact, I find socks with toes to actually be more comfortable than the bag-like socks most of us slip our feet into on a daily basis.

When socks have compartments for your individual toes, your toes can move more freely - the feeling is much more akin to being barefoot. Additionally, during colder weather, I find that toe socks keep my feet much warmer than traditional socks. Plus, I find that they don't slip quite as much as other socks, and they're loads of fun.

Below are a few sources to feed your existing toe sock fetish, or to get you thinking outside of the box when it comes to socks.

Sock Dreams - In addition to having a great selection of toe socks (angora, fuzzy, striped , over-the-knee, and more), SockDreams.com is the ultimate site for all varieties of sock-lovers, featuring luxurious materials, and fabulous styles.

You can trust me on this. I'm a sock, tight, and stocking fanatic, and I've ordered from them multiple times. It doesn't get any better.

Foot Traffic - Good selection of basic toe socks here, including novelty prints like hearts, clouds and cheetah, as well as striped, fuzzy, and ankle versions.

ToeSox - These aren't just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill fashion toe socks. Instead of just looking cute and feeling good, these socks come in a variety of styles, each of which serves a practical purpose, and all of which hit below the ankle.

First, there is the "Ultra Sport," a toe socks that is perfect for barefoot wearing with your favorite barefoot shoes, or as a liner for running, climbing, or cycling shoes.

Then there are two versions of Grip Socks: the "ToeSox with Grip" and the "Half Toe Socks with Grip." Both versions feature non-slip soles, and the "Half-Toe Socks with Grip" also feature open toes. Kind of like those fingerless gloves you see (I love those, by the way). The grippy versions are great for yoga, Pilates. Really, any activity where you might find yourself barefoot, and on a slipper floor or other piece of apparatus. They'll also help keep your feet warm during those exercises, while still allowing your toes to spread, and all your foot muscles to flex.

So you see, toe socks aren't just for kids or crazy women like myself.

Injinji - This company also makes performance toe socks, and they claim to be the original. I didn't do a date check or anything, so I can't confirm or deny that claim. But I can tell you that they offer several variations that will appeal to a variety of athletes and active people.

There are trail socks and running socks. There is an over-the-calf compression sock; a mid-weight mini crew sock; a lightweight liner; a yoga micro-sock; and several sport socks in different weights and heights.

It's really a pretty exhaustive list. But you won't find any thigh high rainbow, or polka dotted toe socks here. Injinji socks are serious accessories for people who appreciate quality, and need features like moisture-wicking fiber; dual-welt bands; arch support; and seamless toe boxes.

Urban Boundaries - I just came across this site while I was researching this article, so I can't personally vouch for them. They do have a fairly large selection of toe socks though. Some of them are pretty cute. There are lots of stripes, patterns, and pretty color combinations. And the prices are reasonable.

But, based on the images and prices, I wouldn't expect the level quality you'll find at some of the other sites. These look more akin to what you would find in the hosiery section of your favorite chain department store. Fine. Good, even. But not necessarily something you'd write home about.

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