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Chanel Handbags Retailers


Ah, Chanel handbags. An oasis in the vast desert of handbag knock-offs and designer look-a-likes.

When you want a bag to make you stand out, Chanel handbags are about the safest bet you can make.

Obviously, the best way to aquire an authentic Chanel handbag is to purchase from a Chanel boutique or authorized reseller.

Below are a few sites that have made a name selling designer goods at discounted prices. I've personally never purchased or authenticated their designer handbags, but they claim to sell authentic merchandise. Be sure to check their guarantees and return policies, and ask any questions before ordering.

eFashionHouse - Discounter of Chanel Handbags and Other Labels

This site's been making a lot of news, and was chosen "Best of the Web" by PEOPLE Magazine StyleWatch.

BlueFly - Discounted Chanel Handbags and Shoes

BlueFly.com is a great source for deeply discounted designer goods, including Chanel handbags and shoes. With savings of up to 40%, the stock at this site is limited and new items are added every day. Consequently, you may find 5 authentic Chanel handbags one day, and none the next. But if you keep an eye out, you can find some of the best deals going.

Bag Borrow or Steal - Chanel & Other Designer Handbags

If you're in the market for an authentic Chanel handbags, but don't particularly care about owning it, then a site like Bag Borrow or Steal might be worth considering. Instead of buying designer bags, members can rent them for a weekly or monthly fee. There are loads of hot labels available for "borrowing," but if you check the outlet section of the site, you can also find some gently-used or never-carried designer handbags for sale.
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