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Where to Buy Unique Styles in Havaianas Flip-Flops


Havaianas Flip Flops

Havaianas Flip Flops

Image provided by Nordstrom.com

Whether you call your Havaianas flip-flops, thongs, or simply sandals - Havaianas are hot, comfy, and so affordable.

During my recent interview with Beverly Feldman, I asked her if she had a favorite, comfort shoe. She did. Havaianas flip-flops, or "the rolls royce of flip-flops," as she called them. When the name first came up, I mistakenly thought I hadn't heard of them. I guess, considering the source, I assumed they must be some exotic sandal that was only available on the beaches of Spain and to the likes of Ms. Feldman.

But, when Beverly Feldman tells you she loves a shoe, you listen and learn. So I did some more investigating. It turns out that the flip-flops I spent all last summer in were actually a pair of embellished Havaianas (the logo had been covered) and that in their standard form, run between only $10 and $20 per pair.

History of Havaianas Flip-Flops

Created in 1962 and widely considered one of the most comfortable rubber flip-flops in the world, Havaianas sandals are made in Brazil using a secret rubber formula. The sandals were inspired by a style of Japanese sandal called the "Zori," and the name "Havaianas" (Portuguese for "Hawaiians") was used in homage to one of America's favorite holiday destinations.

While Brazilians were the first to become addicted to the simple sandals, their popularity has spread, and the little flip-flops that could have now been seen around the world on the pages of the hottest fashion magazines, and on the feet of some of the world's biggest celebrities.

More on Havaianas Sandals

Below are some of the best sources for more information on Havaianas. And whether you're looking for Havaianas flip-flops decked out in crystals or sporting football teams from the 2006 FIFA World Cup, you'll find what you need from one of the shopping sites below.

Official Havaianas Web Site

This is the first place you'll want to visit if you want to learn more about the sandals, find retailers around the world, or check out the latest and collectible styles. English, Spanish and Portuguese versions of the site are available, but you may want to adjust your volume before viewing. There's a pretty loud sound file that reloads on every page of the site.

Havaianas at Nordstrom - Unique Patterns

All priced at under $20 (US), this site doesn't carry a huge selection, but has a couple of patterns that are more difficult to find, including floral, fruits and hearts. (Buy Direct)

The Havaianas by Shop Flip Flops

With more Havaianas than I've every seen on a single site, this is the spot for hard-to-find styles, as well as sandals customized with beads or Swarovski crystals -- which by the way, are stunning. Worldwide shipping.

Kimo's Creations - Gorgeous Swarovski & Dichroic Flip-Flops

Havaianas decorated with Swarovski crystals are also the focus of this site, but these have the added twist of featuring a dichroic rock in the center -- which makes for one gorgeous pair of sandals. You can also score versions with Swarovski flowers on them, as well as other crystal-embellished items such as hair brushes and hair clips.

AmericanSole - World Cup Havaianas and More

In addition to Havaianas embellished with Swarovski Crystals, this site also lots of cute patterns ... hearts, butterflies, and florals. But more uniquely, AmericanSole.com offers flip-flops for several of the 2006 World Cup teams - fans of England, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy and the US can now have a pair of comfy rubber thongs that show support for their favorite football team.

To learn more about Havaianas, be sure to visit About.com's Brazil Travel site.

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