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Hot Shoes for Women

Where to Find the Sexiest & Trendiest Styles


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Hot is one of those words, kind of like "sexy" or "cute." It means something different to everyone. And, with "hot," there's even more ambiguity. You might be looking for hot shoes as in sexy shoes... or hot as in the trendiest or most popular styles. And within each of those categories, you might be looking for hot deals.

And, what if you want all of those things?

Well, you've come to the right place. Below, I rounded up brands and retailers of every type of hot shoes I could think of, including those with the best prices.

Sexy Shoes

As I said above, sexy is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Some women will manage to find sex appeal in a pair of flip flips. But generally speaking, I think most women tend to associate sexy shoes with heels. Often, really, really high heels, along with platform soles, lots of straps, maybe even a well-placed zipper.

Prices for shoes like this range from insanely low to nearly unaffordable. And naturally, one season's selection from any given brand or store may not be as sexy as the year before. Having said that, there are a few designer and brand names that you can usually depend to produce sexy shoes. Here's my short list of those labels, as well as some of the first websites I'd check if I were shopping for sexy styles.



Trendy Shoes

Though they may be considered "hot," the trendiest shoe styles aren't necessarily sexy. For example, women's oxfords might be considered hot when they're trending, but I don't think anyone would list sex appeal as one of the style's attributes.

When you're looking for the trendiest styles, sexy or not, here are some of the brands and stores you may want to look at first.


Online Retailers

  • UrbanOutfitters.com - loads of trendy flats, sandals, boots and heels.
  • EnviShoes.com - top brands, lots of funky styles, frequent sales.
  • GoJane.com - really trendy styles from low-priced and generic brands. Great prices.
  • LuLus.com - generic and major brands. Spotlights hot trends, and has really good prices.
  • ShiekhShoes.com - trendy, affordable heels, flats and boots from own brand and major brands.
  • ShopBop.com - some of the hottest brands, designers and styles.
  • Piperlime.com - major brands and designers in all price points. Very trendy styles and labels.
  • 6pm.com - great place to find discount shoes for all budgets. Hottest styles from last season.
  • DSW.com - major and budget brands. Good prices on hottest styles from last and current season.
  • Zappos.com - one of the biggest, and still one of the best. Loads of brand and designer names.

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