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Photos of celebrity and designer shoes, and the hottest trends and styles, along with tips on how to wear them.
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Christian Louboutin Photo Gallery
This Christian Louboutin Photo Gallery showcases the creations of one of today's most beloved shoe designers, including pictures of collection launches, runway shows, celebrity fans, and images of the designer himself.

Vintage Shoes
Check out this vintage shoes photo gallery for images of women's shoes from the 1920s through the 80s.

Stiletto Run High Heel Race
Thinking walking or standing in high heels is a pain? Try running in them. That's what all these women did when they participated in Glamour magazine's Stiletto Run high heel race.

Wild Shoes Photo Gallery
The place for all those shoes that are just to crazy to describe.

Designer Shoes
Love looking at designer shoes? Then you'll adore the entries in this photo gallery -- and the best part? It's far less expensive than actually buying the shoes themselves.

Kids' Shoes: The Coolest Brands
If you or your children are bored with standard issue kids' shoes, you'll definitely want to check out this guide filled with photos, information and shopping resources for top brands in cute and unique kids' shoes.

2013 Sexy Boots: Top Women's Styles
Whether you like them over-the-knee or with a side of fringe, there's a pair of sexy boots with your name on them in this gallery of hot styles for 2013.

2012 Sexiest Sandals
The hottest, sexiest sandals of the season are featured in this 2012 image gallery. Be sure to check them out.

2010 Evening Shoes
This collections features some of the most glamorous (or otherwise noteworthy) evening shoes of 2010.

2010 Golden Globe Celebrity Shoes
As it is every year, the red carpet for the 2010 Golden Globe awards ceremony was filled with well-dressed celebrities, and loads of designer shoes. This year's biggest trends included platform pumps, and the red soles of Christian Louboutin.

2009 Golden Globe Shoes
One of the most entertaining awards shoes, the Golden Globes is full of spontaneity and high style. But of course, the best reason to tune in to the Golden Globes is to check out all of the great shoes.

2008 - 2009 Shoes of the Stars
This Shoes of the Stars photo gallery picks up where the Celebrity Shoes Gallery left off, and features some of the hottest stars of several years ago, wearing some of the day's sexiest, most beautiful shoes.

2008 Celebrity Shoes
This star-studded gallery features more than 100 celebrities decked out in some of the most gorgeous (and most expensive) shoes you'll lay eyes on. Be sure to check it out.

2008 Spring Fashion Week Shoes
While Fashion Week is mostly about the clothes, there's plenty of shoes to look at as well. Check out this photo gallery of Fashion Week Shoes for some of the highlights.

2008 Football WAGs
Check out this Football Wags Photos Gallery, featuring images of some of 2008's most popular wives and girlfriends of the world's top footballers.

2006 Extreme Heels Photo Gallery
At the time this gallery was compiled, these were some of the most extreme heels in the mainstream market. And by 'extreme,' I meant chunky, tall, or just unique. It's kind of funny to look back at them now, because just a year or two later heels went insane, and these seem positively tame by comparison. Still, it's a fun look back.

2006 High Heels
From crazy-high platforms to classic pumps, this high heels image gallery will have heel lovers begging for more.

Lady Gaga Shoes
Lady Gaga's fashion choices keep her in the headlines nearly as much as her music does, and you can't wear such outrageous outfits without also slipping into some fabulous shoes. This photo gallery includes pictures of some of Lady Gaga's most extraordinary shoes to date.

Nicole Riche & Black Peep Toe Pumps
Just like we have a favorite brand or style of shoes, so do lots of celebrities. This image gallery shows that among Nicole Richie's favorite shoe styles are chic and stylish black peep toe pumps.

Celebrity Shoe Wars
This is a fun little feature that I ran briefly back in 2009. It featured photos of two celebrities, side-by-side, and asked readers to vote on which stars' shoes were the best. Voting is still accessible, as are the results.

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