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Stiletto Run High Heel Race

Women Racing in High Heels for Big Bucks


Thinking walking or standing in high heels is a pain? Try running in them. That's what all these women did when they participated in Glamour magazine's Stiletto Run high heel race. Check out this image gallery for some great action shots.
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Stiletto RaceStiletto RaceRacing in High HeelsHigh Heels for RacingAn example of the stilettos worn in Glamour's High Heel Run.Stilettos Worn in RaceWomen Running in High HeelsWomen Preparing to Run in High Heels
Glamour High Heel RunStiletto Run High Heel RaceRunning in StilettosRunning in StilettosHigh Heel RaceHigh Heel RaceWinners of Glamour's High Heel RaceWinners of Glamours High Heel Race
Nadine Sonnabend - Winner of Glamour's High Heel RaceWinner of Glamour's High Heel Race
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