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Hard to Fit for Women

If you're looking for women's shoes in large or small sizes, or narrow or wide widths, you'll find plenty of resources here. Top retailers and shopping information for large, small, wide-width and narrow women's shoes.

Large Size Shoes - Retailers of Women's Larger Sizes
Huge selections of larger shoes, including narrow & wide widths.

Narrow Shoes - Women's Shoes in Narrow Widths
Some of the best resources for women's shoes in narrow widths.

Small Shoes - Retailers of Women's Small Shoe Sizes
A list of retailers carrying women's small size shoes.

Wide Width Shoes - Retailers of Women's Wide Shoes
Online retailers offering women's wide and extra wide shoes.

Small Shoes Mailing List
Back in 1999, R. Joe Brandon so empathized with his fiance's difficulty finding shoes to fit her size 3 feet, that he started a mailing list forum for others in the same situation. Check this site to chat and share resources with others in the same situation.

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