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Where to Buy Nike Air Force Ones Online


Nike Presents an All-Star Twenty Fifth Anniversary Celebration of The Air Force 1 in Sport and Music - December 10, 2006
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The first of many "air" shoes to come, the Nike Air Force Ones were released in 1982, and over 25 years later, this style is as popular as ever.

Standard versions cost $100 or less, and special releases can run up to $180 - of course, once a version is sold out, you'll typically pay more to buy it as a collectible.

While these prices aren't necessarily cheap, they're more affordable than many of their high-tech counterparts, since the AF1s aren't nearly as tricked out as other models. But it's exactly that old school style that has immortalized the AF1 both in song, and in the hearts of their many fans.

Where to Buy Nike Air Force One Shoes Online

Since the Nike Air Force 1 is a limited shoe, Nike does not authorize online sales. As such, if you want to score a new release of "uptowns," you'll have to actually visit a local Nike reseller. This Nike Retail Store Locator will help you find authorized dealers near you, and also includes a link to Nike Factory Stores.

If it's authentic retro, collectible, or rare AF1s you're after, you'll find a few of the best online resources below.
  • InStyleShoes.com - Selling only new and authentic merchandise, InStyleShoes.com has a good selection of Air Force One shoes for both men and women, including versions that were not sold in the U.S, and other rare styles. This is also a great site to check for other popular Nike models.
  • SneakerHead.com - This site has a great selection of rare, retro and collectible authentic Air Force 1 shoes, including versions such as the Mr. Cartoon and World Cup editions.
  • PickYourShoes.com - This site carries Air Force One shoes for men and women. Selling only new and authentic merchandise, PickYourShoes.com is a great place to look for Nike Air Force One shoes, as well as Bape, Jordan lines, and other popular brands. Their arrangement with official Nike retailers allows them to buy limited edition shoes, as well as styles that weren't released in the U.S. What this means for you is a great selection of some of the hardest to find styles.

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