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Men's Shoes for Jeans

How to Choose Stylish Options for Denim


Men's Shoes for Jeans
Rooog Knows/Flickr

If you spend a lot of time in jeans, chances are you wear a lot of sneakers. Don't get me wrong, sneakers are great, and they're actually an ideal choice for jeans. But there are so many other type of men's shoes to choose from, it would be a shame to limit yourself to one style.

And despite being casual, denim is also very versatile -- even the same pair of jeans can take on an entirely different look, depending on which shoes are paired with them. Below are a few of the most popular men's shoe styles, along with tips on how to make them work with jeans.

Sneakers - A Favorite Among Men's Shoes

The fashion rules are a lot looser than they used to be, and sneakers now come in so many styles that they can comfortably be worn with nearly anything in a man's wardrobe -- but they're still most at home with a pair of jeans. While it's always safe to go with a classic white trainer, it's more interesting and fashion-forward to try a retro, skate, or European-styled sneaker. As long as they're not overdone, unique colors and textures will also boost your fashion rating.

    Boots - An Alternative to Shoes with Jeans

    For every man who won't part with his favorite sneakers, there's another man who won't wear anything but his trusty boots. Fortunately for those guys, men's boots are also a perfect match for jeans. For variation and versatility, try a pair that doesn't look too much like work boots, hiking boots or cowboy boots, and opt instead for something that's a little more chic, dressy, or cutting-edge.

      Loafers, Mocs & Other Slip-Ons

      From casual styles to dressier fare, there are a plethora of slip-on shoe styles to choose from, and they all carry the benefit of having no laces. As for which style will work best with jeans, take a cue from the shirts you'll likely be wearing. Unless they're made of flannel, button-down shirts can handle something a little dressier; polo and golf shirts work well with a sporty shoe or loafer; and sweaters or henleys look great with shoes that are really simple, rugged or trendy.

        Oxfords - Lace-Up Men's Shoes for Jeans

        Sneakers and many formal men's shoes are lace-ups, but fortunately when it comes to oxfords, there are several styles that land somewhere between the two extremes and are perfect for pairing with jeans. Again, you'll want to take your cue from your shirt, and where you'll be wearing the shoes.

        If you're heading out to a trendy club, you may appreciate a pair of shoes with European or very fashion-forward detailing, but if you're attending a more conservative affair, then you'll probably be best served by a pair of classic or rugged oxfords.


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