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Review of Red Wing Boots for Men

Red Wing Boots Review: How Red Wing Boots Stack Up

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If you ever wanted to find the manliest shoes ever built, then be glad you’re reading this. I have found them. And in this day and age when men’s boots are so cool and hip, Red Wing work boots are at the front of the line.

Red Wing started making boots over 100 years ago and they are still turning out amazing quality and style.  The sharp look, hand-stitching, and sturdy Vibram soles are just a few of the things that makes these boots special. 


Men's Red Wing Boots Pros:


These babies are made in the USA and are like two little tanks on your feet. They are handcrafted, use only the highest quality leather, and are triple stitched to make sure that they could survive the apocalypse. There's a really good chance that they will actually outlive you.


The boots are a little stiff for the first couple weeks that you have them, but then loosen up perfectly. I've been sporting mine now for few weeks and they only seem to get better with each wearing. There's even a part of me that's looking forward to them being a few years old.


These boots are timeless. They were cool decades ago, and they're still cool now. A lot of people are even dressing these boots up with a sport coat and tie when they want a "cool-casual" look.

Cons of Red Wing Boots for Men

Honestly, I can't find many "cons."

Comfort: The boots are a little stiff for the first couple weeks that you have them, but then loosen up perfectly.

Price: Ranging in price from about $100 to $300 per pair, the price might be a turn-off for some, but when you realize these boots might outlive you, they're actually pretty affordable. The sticker price can be a little rough to part with though.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Red Wing Boots Are The Best, Member MiddleAgeWhiteGuy

I currently have a new pair of 1412 8-inch work boots and a pair of 2156 hiking boots from Red Wing Shoes, both made in the USA with USA materials. They are simply the greatest! In the winter the 1412 boots keep my feet very warm, even when working outside in the most extreme cold. The 2156 hikers are like walking on a cloud. I've still have older RW boots that I've worn so much that they need new soles, and they will outlast any other boot on the market. Yes, these boots aren't the cheapest, but when you consider the quality and how well they wear, in addition to their comfort, you simply can't go wrong!!

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