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Men's Boots : 10 Hot Styles for 2013


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Casual Boots for Jeans and More
Rugged chukka-styled boots with lug soles; a worn finish; and brown, oily leather uppers.

Clarks 'Roar'

Image: Piperlime.com Buy Direct
Casual boots come in styles ranging from sporty to refined. Choosing a pair is as simple as determining what you'll be wearing with them.

If you're strictly a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, then you might prefer a sport boot or a simple, chukka style.

More of a flannel man? Then you'd probably do well with a pair of hiking boots.

I like casual boots like the Clarks "Roar," shown here, because they're classics, but they have just enough personality to keep from being boring. They'd look great with khakis as well as with jeans, and would work with t-shirts and flannel. So, you don't have to choose. Next: Motorcycle Boots
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