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Top Brands in Cross Trainers for Men


If you do anything active outside of running, a running shoe just doesn't cut it. That's where cross trainers come in. Cross trainers are important because they provide lateral support unlike running shoes, which is a must when doing any kind of court activity. To be honest, it can be tough to find the right cross trainers for men.

Thankfully, there are shoe companies that are creating cutting-edge athletic shoes to make sure we can play a little basketball, run, and lift weights in some really cool shoes.

The following companies are making some of the best cross trainers on the market.

Nike Cross Trainers for Men

Nike is still the “King of the Cross Trainer.” They are active in all aspects of sports and making a solid cross trainer is no different. They continue to evolve the technologies in the shoes and one seems to be better than the other. New styles come out all the time, and if Nikes fit your feet, they’re a great choice. 



Men's Cross Trainers from Under Armour

Under Armour is still a relative newcomer to the shoe market after making a huge splash with performance apparel the past decade. They've been making shoes for a few years now and cross trainers are a very important part of their line-up. It’s a company that is strictly aimed at athletic performance and the shoes get better with each release.



Reebok Cross Training Shoes for Men

Reebok has hedged their bets and really come on strong with their trainers and new technologies. They’ve been in the game for years, but have made a much bigger splash lately marketing their shoes heavily. Comfort has long been a stalwart of Reebok shoes, but the recent editions are also really breathable, stable and their making a statement with design.



Men's New Balance Cross Trainers

For years now New Balance has been making cross-trainers that are durable, comfortable and with enough varieties that cover anything from walking to heavy duty cross training in gyms and on courts. In recent years their trainers have gotten lighter, more stylish and much more breathable. If you find that New Balance shoes fit your feet well, there is no doubt that they have a cross trainer that will fit your needs. 



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