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What to Wear with Men's Wingtip Shoes


Wingtips have a style all their own. Originally built with that extra leather to withstand the rigors of hard labor, they now are a great way to dress up your wardrobe. The question that always comes up is: how do you wear men's wingtip shoes and what do you wear with them?

A pair of wingtips in your wardrobe is great for a little style and diversity. Here are a few different ways you can wear wingtips and look cool enough when you step out to an important event or date.

Wearing Men's Wingtips with Slacks

Cole Haan 'Air Carter' Wingtips Image: Zappos.com

Wingtips tend not to be very formal, so you don’t want to wear them with a tuxedo or anything overly dressy. Wingtip dress shoes look best with slacks and a coat. It’s a great way to diversify your look and add something very few guys dare to. They give you a little more style when you want a different look and aren't going "black tie."

Wearing Wingtips with a Nice Pair of Cords

Rockport 'Wooster' Image: Zappos.com

While wingtips look great with a pair of slacks, you can also wear them with nice cords for a different look. Make sure the color of your pants complements the shoes. When adding something as unique as wingtips, you want to make sure you have the basics covered as well.

Wearing Wingtips with Jeans

Frye Wingtips Image: Zappos.com

A few shoemakers, like Frye have created some great wingtip shoes that are a little more casual and look really cool with jeans. They go great with a button down shirt and a blazer or without the coat at all. They will help bring a little more diversity to your wardrobe, and believe me -- people will comment on them.

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