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Top Picks in Adidas Shoes for Men - 2009


I'm a big fan of Adidas shoes, both for myself, and for the guys I know. I like retro sneakers and racing-inspired shoes, and Adidas tops the charts for both styles.

Combining fashion, comfort, performance and price; Adidas shoes are a great choice in men's casual and athletic shoes, and the picks on this list are some of the coolest.

1. "Rod Laver" Originals - Perfectly Simple Adidas Shoes for Men

These Adidas shoes are incredibly simple and no-frills - that's what makes them so cool. Developed in 1970, with tennis star Rod Laver, they are also among the most popular tennis shoes ever produced. With nylon mesh uppers, and suede toe caps, these shoes are a classic.

2. Men's Adidas 'Samba' - Football-Inspired Shoes

These great looking shoes will be popular with any guy who wants a trendy, retro-looking shoe. First introduced in the 1960s as football (soccer) shoes, these Adidas shoes are true classics, and they come in lots of updated color combinations.

3. Adidas Originals - "Nizza Low" Shoes

An extremely cool shoe with plenty of personality packed into its sleek and slim design. Originally offered in the 1980s, the classic styling of this popular sneaker still holds up today, and it's available in all the best color combinations: black/white, white/black, and all white.

4. Men's Adidas Shoes - "Campus 2" Street Shoes

With suede and thick rubber outsoles, these classic Adidas shoes are built for comfort and durability - and they're so simple and cool. Offered in black or navy (both with white stripes), these shoes are the epitome of classic sneakers.

5. "Samoa" - Classic Adidas Originals for Men

One of my favorite Adidas styles of all time, the "Samoa" has a classic Adidas look, and though it comes in several other color-ways, is perfect in black with white stripes. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that these classic sneakers are a natural match for jeans.
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