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Top Picks in Flip Flops for Men - 2010


I'm assuming if you're reading this article, you already know the joy of wearing a great pair of men's flip flops. If that's the case, I'm sure my top picks below will help you find a new favorite pair.

And if you're still just a curious bystander to the style, hopefully something from the list below will help convince you to jump into a pair. Because on a hot summer day, there are few things better than slipping your feet into a comfy pair of stylish flip flops for men.

1. Reef 'Leather Smoothy' - Affordable, Classic Flip Flops

Reef sandals are incredibly popular, and judging by the reviews, these particular flip-flops are among their best. Averaging 5 of 5 stars for looks and comfort from over 40 reviewers at Zappos.com, these sandals cost less than $40, and come in a wide array of colors. My particular favorite is the brown distressed croc-embossed version, because it looks just a bit less casual than some of the other versions -- but with such a simple, classic style, you really can't go wrong, no matter which color you choose.

2. 'Fraid' - Cool Sanuk Sandals for Men

After years of hearing glowing reviews from guys about the casual, stylish comfort of Sanuk sandals and shoes, I finally got my husband to try a pair. Three pairs later, it's definitely safe to count him among the converted. These laid back flip-flops are a great example of their work. With straps made of striped, distressed canvas, and suede-lined footbeds these sandals will have you looking and feeling carefree.

3. 'Flip' - Popular Chaco Flip Flops for Men

Here's a great flip-flop that's a bit on the sporty side, but still has plenty of style. With webbing uppers and a supportive footbeds, these shoes offer all the comfort that the Chaco label implies, and come in three fab color choices: black, brown or green.

4. Calvin Klein 'Rich' - Casual Men's Flip Flops in White

What I especially love about these flip-flops is that they come in white, and for some inexplicable reason, outside of the styles on this list, you just don't see many men's sandals in this classic summer non-color. Beyond that though, they have quite a spiffy look for such casual sandals. Paired with jeans and a off-white or light neutral button down shirt, these shoes would be perfect.

5. soleRebels 'ClassACT' - Stylish Men's Thongs at a Great Price

Simple, straightforward, and extremely stylish, these thong sandals have a great look and they come in a wide selection of colors and sizes. Looking much more expensive than they are, these leather flip-flops currently range in price from $19 to about $40 per pair, and the best part is, they're chic while still being the epitome of casual footwear.

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