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Top Picks in Men's Sandals for 2013


Sandals can keep you cool and comfortable when the weather is unbearable, yet so many guys I know are sandal-phobic. But trust me on this, whether or not you already know the joy of a flip-flop or a slide, there's a sandal on this list for every type of guy.

Reef Sandals - 'Leather Smoothy' for Men

Simple, thong sandals with tan-brown leather uppers.
Image: Zappos.com (Buy Direct)
There are two very good reasons that these casual thongs made my list: the way they look, and the striking number of positive reviews they've received at Zappos.com. With nearly 300 reviews, these men's sandals average 5 out of 5 stars for looks, comfort and overall -- so they're obviously a crowd favorite. And like I said, I too love the way these sandals look. They're simple, they're versatile, and they're available in brown or tan leather. Not bad for less than $50 per pair.

Men's Sandals from Olukai - 'Ohana' Leather Thongs

Dark brown, classic thong sandals for men.
Image: Zappos.com (Buy Direct)
Another popular option in men's sandals is the ultra-stylish 'Ohaha' from Olukai. These men's sandals offer streamlined, contemporary styling and masculine good looks, and they're available in a good selection of colors. And even though they're not office-ready (no men's sandals are), they are still a bit dressier than many of the styles on this list.

Birkenstock 'Arizona' - Top Men's Sandals

Rugged-soled, two strap slide sandals with mossy green suede uppers.
Image: Shoes.com (Buy Direct)
Though thongs are incredibly popular, I realize for a lot of you, they're just "too" sandal-like; I also know that thong posts really rub some people the wrong way -- quite literally. If you're looking for a great slide sandal, check out the ever-popular 'Arizona' from Birkenstock. With rugged leather uppers, contoured arch support, and comfy cork-filled mid-soles, these men's sandals come in a huge array of colors, and despite what you may be thinking, Birkenstocks aren't just for hippies anymore. Although, I can say, we still do really like them.

Sanuk Sandals for Men - 'Beer Cozy'

Casual men's flip flops with padded synthetic straps and footbeds.
Image: Zappos.com (Buy Direct)
As you'd probably expect from a pair of sandals named 'Beer Cozy,' these men's flip-flops are the ultimate in casual footwear; but the name might not give away how truly comfortable these sandals really are -- which is quite alright, since the reviews will.

Another 5-star favorite, these thong sandals are quite a bargain at just over $30 per pair, and they come in several versatile colors.

Keen Sandals for Men - 'Newport H2'

Rugged, black, waterproof sandals that have straps that go all around the feet.
Image: Zappos.com (Buy Direct)
For the rugged, outdoorsy type, Keen sandals are an awesome choice -- and thanks to their patent-pending toe guards, they're also ideal for guys who don't want to show their toes. With multiple straps, lug outsoles, and hydrophobic foam linings, the 'Newport H2' is actually more of a hybrid between sandals and boots. It's also one of the brand's most popular styles, and as such, it comes in a staggering array of colors and sizes.

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