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Men's Shoes - Top Picks

These top choices in men's shoes feature footwear from top designers and brands; the latest trends and styles; and shoes for all occasions. From dress and casual shoes, to sneakers and athletic shoes, compare prices and shop for men's shoes with help from these top picks articles.

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Adidas Shoes
Combining fashion, comfort, performance and price; Adidas shoes are a great choice in men's casual and athletic shoes, and the picks on this list are some of the coolest.

Adio Shoes
With cutting-edge technology and killer style, Adio is the maker of some of the hottest skate shoes available -- but they're not just for skateboarding.

Ben Sherman Shoes
Ben Sherman has been trendsetting for decades, so it comes as no surprise that this list is riddled with terribly hip footwear in every genre.

Bags for Men
The wise man now knows what women have known all along: carrying your stuff is good. From cell phones and laptops, to keys and wallets, let's face it, there's a lot to haul around, and your pockets are only so big. Perhaps that's why men's bags are finally gaining popularity, and now more than ever, there are so many stylish men's bags to choose...

Boat Shoes
If you're thinking boat shoes are all brown or boring, you'll think again after viewing these top picks.

Born Shoes
Beloved by many, this brand takes craftsmanship to a whole new level, and their shoes are definitely among the most stylish casual shoes I've seen.

Casual Shoes
When it comes to men's casual shoes, too many people only think of sneakers, and assume all other shoes to be for dressy occasions. But there are several great casual shoe options. Here are some of my faves.

DC Shoes
Within the skateboarding community, DC Shoes are known for their quality, technical features, and killer designs. But they're not just for skaters.

Earth Shoes
Today's Earth shoes come in a variety of styles, colors and materials. Be sure to check out these top picks.

Eastland Shoes
Easy to wear with jeans, cords or khakis, these are the kind of shoes you don't really have to think much about -- just reach for them when you want something laid-back and stylish.

Eco Shoes
Here are a few of today's biggest names in eco shoes, with more information about their practices and policies.

Dress Shoes
From monk straps to wing-tips; oxfords to loafers; and basic black to rich red; this list has a dress shoe for every kind of guy.

Florsheim Shoes
With an unsurpassed range of sizes and widths, there's a Florsheim shoe for nearly any guy -- but what really sets them apart is great craftsmanship and lots of comfort features.

Ecko Shoes
From sneakers to boots Marc Ecko has a line, and a shoe, to fit every type of guy. Here are a few of my favorites.

GBX Shoes
An array of edgy sneakers and sandals that certainly can claim 21st century style, this line also contains some dress shoes that have a modern take.

Essential Men's Shoes
Unfortunately, sneakers aren't suited for every occasion. But add in a few of these classic styles, and most situations should be covered.

Flip Flops
On a hot summer day, there are few things better than slipping your feet into a great pair of thong sandals.

Harley-Davidson Boots and Shoes
If you like tough, rugged footwear, there's a good chance you'll love these Harley-Davidson boots -- even if you've never been on a bike.

Hugo Boss Shoes
If you want to be the sharpest dressed guy in the office or pub, you'll probably want to wrap your feet in a pair of Hugo Boss shoes.

Hush Puppies Shoes
If you're lucky, you've known them your whole life. But if you haven't had a pair for awhile, or God forbid, you've never had a pair, here's your chance to try out an American classic.

John Varvatos Shoes
From cologne to eyewear, John Varvatos has done it all. But those in the know, know not to miss out on his collections of men's shoes.

Keen Footwear
The urban artsy type and the rugged outdoorsman will both love the look of Keen footwear

Merrell Shoes
Famous as an outdoor performance shoe, Merrell Shoes knows all about style as well, so I've also included a few choices for when there's a pause in your active lifestyle.

Nike Shoes
NIke's numerically-heavy and sometimes cryptic-sounding names often make it difficult for me to keep up. But whatever Nike wants to calls these styles, I call them cool.

New Balance Shoes
For as comfortable as they are, these New Balance shoes for men are incredibly fashionable. It's great to feel good while working, walking, or jogging, but let's face it, is there ever a good time to look like crap?

Great for dressing up casual wear, or for adding a relaxed feel to dress attire, loafers are a versatile and stylish shoe choice.

Puma Shoes
Whether you're a sneaker fanatic, or just shopping for some new athletic shoes, you probably don't need me to tell you that Puma shoes are hot. But the styles on this list will confirm it for you.

Red Wing Shoes
A particular favorite among men who need rugged, durable shoes and work boots, Red Wing shoes are built to last, and offer superior comfort for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Rockport Shoes
There's a pair of men's Rockport shoes for every occasion. You can go from the office to the beach and sport Rockports at both ends of the trip, and at every point in between. Of course, you might need more than one pair.

Winter Boots
When the weather is cold, wet, snowy or icy you need a pair of top-notch winter boots. Here are boots that will keep you dry and warm, even in some of the worst conditions.

Worst Shoe Trends
While they may not be my favorite styles, I firmly believe that great things are accomplished by those who take chances -- and if that's true, some wonderful things are in store for the creators (and followers) of these shoe trends.

Reebok Shoes
Reebok shoes are built with comfort and athletics in mind, but are designed in styles mainstream enough that they've become a staple in casual men's footwear.

Tommy Bahama Shoes
The powers that be at Tommy Bahama seem to know that when you add a laid-back Island style to the finest materials and craftsmanship, you've got a winning combination for casual footwear.

Shoes for Khakis
Because khakis are so versatile, they can be worn with a huge variety of shoe styles -- but remember, khakis aren't suit pants, and they aren't jeans. Therefore the trick in wearing khakis successfully is to avoid shoes that are too dressy, or too casual.

This list includes a fantastic lot of men's slippers, many of which can be worn indoors and outdoors, for the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Vans Shoes
From beach bums to skaters to people who just like cool shoes, Vans shoes appeal to the masses, and thus, their name has become legendary.

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